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In January Curl Girl Georgina Mullan will be opening a new and dedicated curly hair salon at 81 Rose Garden in Newcastle Under Lyme.

In just 3 years, Georgina, known on Instagram as @TheCurlGirl_ has established herself as one of  the top curly hair experts in the UK and will be passing on her skills and knowledge training three new aspiring curly hair specialists in 2021.

Georgina has built up such a loyal following that her customers travel from as far away as Scotland  to have their locks treated by her while her online consultations reach people all over the world.

Georgina started hairdressing after becoming a mother, returning to Newcastle-under-Lyme after  pursuing a successful career in law in Birmingham.

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81 Rose Garden

With a mane of curly hair that Nicole Kidman would be proud of, Georgina had battled with her own  curls all her life, but her new found skills in hairdressing and a passion to help others struggling to  embrace their curly hair changed all that.

Now she offers special consultations that include a cut to complement her client’s curls and face  shape, curl catered treatments and step by step advice on how to look after curly hair along with  organic perms for those that envy the look!

She explains: “Despite 65% of people in the UK having naturally curly hair, very few curly hair  specialists exist. There are many different types of curly hair and looking after it isn’t always easy,  while cutting it is something of an art. I use my own techniques to bring added vibrancy to different  types of curly hair, and have the products and knowledge needed to make this possible.

“At the moment there is a trend towards  more natural hair. This might be because  women have been forced to manage their  own locks during lockdown, but whatever  the reason, curls are definitely back in.”

Client Olivia Tolman said: “I’ve struggled  to love my curly hair since I was young,  and constantly straightened it to try and  fit in. My hair was frizzy and dull, and I  could never leave it down for longer than  a day. Georgina’s hair transformations were nothing like I’d seen before. I’m  always getting compliments on the  natural curls that I was born with.”

Hollie Webb added: “Determined to get  my natural curls back, I faced the dilemma  of finding a hairdresser who both  understood and had the products needed  for curly hair. I’m a Momma of three and  I have little time for myself. I wanted a  more natural hair colour as well as a more  natural curl. I left 81 Rose Garden after my  first appointment looking like a new  person and the knowledge of replicating  this look at home!”

With predictions for more natural hair  and perms back in fashion in 2021, it’s  hardly surprising that Georgina is fully  booked until February 2021.

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