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Twin Dentists Promote Eco Dentistry

Although teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants and cutting-edge procedures in cosmetic dentistry is the special interest of dentists Hassan and Hussein Dalghous, the 26-year-old twin dentists are pioneering the importance of eco dentistry. Now the CO-founders of the Yorkshire Dental Suite…

Bitcoin man

The Crypto Super Cycle

By Matteo Pecar, our resident Bitcoin supremo. When referring to a crypto “mega” or “super” cycle, we are talking about a price expansion of the whole cryptocurrency market that would make the previous bull runs look like a tiny rise.…


Future in disinfection is now HEALTH-GATE

Advert. We would like to present you our product "Health Gate" cabin, designed to provide fast and effective disinfection in a public areas like shopping malls, airports, factories, banks, hospitals, etc. In a current situation in the world this product…