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Everything Global vows to Keep Attacking with War Hero Brian Wood

Top promotional products brand, part of Everything Global, has teamed up with war hero Brian Wood and his brand Keep Attacking.

Brian’s sports clothing label, Keep Attacking, focuses on high-performance fabrics across its range and caught the eye of Everything Global’s founder Paul Rowlett who is known for his outreach to worthy initiatives across all industries.

Paul reached out to Brian Wood with the offer of corporate endorsement and soon forged a relationship beyond the commercial. Both are entrepreneurs who have served for the British Armed Forces, and each has experienced great adversity before making a success out of their businesses.

“It was a no-brainer”, explained Paul, “This guy is a national treasure and a war hero, and he continues to give back. His product is incredible and Everything Global is proud to endorse both the sportswear and the man.”

Brain Wood’s story has been heavily featured in the press, particularly his courageous bounce back into anything but a quiet life after his ordeal. He was immortalised in the BBC docudrama Danny Boy which aired in 2021, exploring the former Colour Sergeant’s medal-winning career and the pivotal role he played in the battle of ‘Danny Boy’ which took place in Iraq in 2004.

He was known to the public for his outstanding bravery under fire, but shocking allegations of war crimes emerged. Although these were swiftly found to be without foundation and Brian’s name was cleared, the resulting media scrum compounded a difficult return to civilian life.

Paul Rowlett, a man who has himself overcome numerous setbacks and twists of fate in the steady building of his global empire, identified with Brian Wood’s true grit in the face of unprecedented personal attack.

He said: “I totally respect Brian’s decision to come back fighting.”

“He’s a military man of honour and has worked tirelessly to build his brand and imbue the product with the stamp of his own integrity. It is an honour for Everything Global to promote our association with a man who is, to reiterate, a national treasure.”

Keep Attacking has now launched the KA Event Series. This is a series of 3 separate events, being held on military training areas to give members of the public the chance to engage in either 4.5 or 9-mile challenges. These are designed to be tough yet inclusive and, following the first event on the 23rd of April, the next fixture in July is looking to be a sell-out.

Brian Wood said: “I’m passionate about building a brand which appeals to all, regardless of peoples’ background or ability. With an exciting and innovative clothing range now established and the partnership with Everything Global in place, I felt now is the right time to engage the KA community in a challenge series which will truly test their ability to Keep Attacking no matter what’s in front of them.”

As a key sponsor Everything Global are assisting in the launch of the second KA challenge event on 9th July this year with a further two events to follow later in the year. These events are open to those willing to break out of their comfort zone and rise to any challenge thrown their way.

As Brian Wood says, it’s not about anyone’s limitations – it’s about the indomitable drive to give it a go.

As to whether Paul Rowlett is personally intending to get down and dirty on the day, he has not ruled it out, commenting: “If you’ve got the right clothes for the job you’re halfway there before you start.”

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