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Savile Row Savvy: Question Time with Huntsman’s Campbell Carey


If there is any one person on Savile Row to seek sartorial styling advice from, Head Cutter and Creative Director of Huntsman, Campbell Carey is definitely the man to go to for the most classic tailoring tips.

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A firmly established figure on Savile Row and considered one of the finest cutters in the trade, Campbell carries almost two decades of experience under his belt and a hunger for Huntsman’s authentic house style and distinctive silhouette.

Campbell’s love for the rules and discipline of the trade, bespoke tailoring and its unwavering refusal to adhere to the fickle nature of fashion has made him proficient in how to achieve impeccable sartorial style. With nothing but admiration for Savile Row’s constant timelessness and relevance, Campbell shares his opinion on what makes the best-dressed gentleman.

1. Who is the ultimate Huntsman gentleman?

“As with the rest of Savile Row, discretion is key and it’s impossible to choose an ultimate customer. The ‘Huntsman Gentleman’ comes from all walks of life.”

2. Who is the most stylish man in London, and why?
“Our very own Johnny Allen.”

3. What constitutes a stylish man?

“Someone who dresses for himself.”

4. What are three items every gentleman should own?
“A Huntsman house checked sports coat, George Cleverley shoes and a plain white Turnbull and Asser shirt.”

5. Why are well-made clothes so important?

“To stand the test of time, if well cared for a Huntsman garment can transcend generations.”

6. What is the ultimate gentlemanly investment?

“A one button navy blue bespoke suit.”

7. What is the first thing you notice about another gentleman’s outfit?


8. What makes London the fashion capital of the world?

“Having worked on Savile Row for nearly twenty years, it’s easy to see how it has driven and inspired the worlds designers and fashion houses alike.”

9. If you were to wear one item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“My Huntsman tweed coat. It just keeps getting better with age”

10. If there was to be one message translated across all Huntsman clothes, what would it be?

“Heritage and craft.”

11. Who, or what, is your inspiration?

“The team here at Huntsman and our 160-year heritage.”

12. If you could have dinner with three stylish gentlemen, dead or alive, who would they be?

“Looking through our customer order books, it would be so fun to have a Huntsman dinner with the likes of Sir Charles Darwin, Paul Newman and Sir Harry Secombe.”

13. If you could have any gentleman’s wardrobe, whose would it be and why?

“Gregory Peck, a long standing customer of Huntsman. He had such amazing taste.”

14. What is your number one style rule?

“To always try to look ones best, unless I’m chasing around after my two daughters.”

15. Is there one particular detail you try and continue through every collection?

“That every piece must be timeless and remain a wardrobe staple.”

What key essentials should any discerning gentleman have in their wardrobe?

A Huntsman three-piece, one button suit in navy or charcoal – its simplicity makes it

completely versatile for any business or formal occasion. A hopsack blazer and separate

grey trousers are a must for business travel. Our Mac is ideal from spring to autumn and back



What are the key trends for S/S’16 that a gentleman should acknowledge?

Crisp, contrasting monotones used to mix formal and casual wear, therefore a navy blazer,

patterned shirt, white chinos and fresh white trainers

tick both those boxes.


What to wear to the most formal races?

It’s black or grey morning dress, keep the vest choice simple – ice blue or fawn will ensure

one does not outshine their female companion. A narrower stripe in the trouser will help

lengthen the leg. A crisp white shirt and light, summery tie means the wearer feels part of the



How do you tackle smart casual in summer months?

Be ever hopeful of a hot summer’s day then think practically with a loose weave or light

coloured jacket. A lightweight shirt in voile or linen makes for total comfort.

What are the big no-nos for a black tie affair?


Ultimately, make an effort and do not improvise, no fuss and remember less is more. The suit

should be black, midnight blue or white jacket and black trousers, nothing else. A classic

collared white shirt and bow tie. No cummerbunds, unless you have something to hide. No

belts, they interrupt the line of the suit. No contrasting socks. Black shoes only, with no


Huntsman, a bespoke tailor of the highest tradition, with a history that stretches back over 150 years making the most extraordinary clothes for discerning gentlemen and ladies.

The house has always prided itself on its rich heritage, and its reputation as one of the finest and most long-standing yet often innovative bespoke houses on Savile Row. Today, Huntsman’s extraordinary story serves as a reminder of the integrity, excellence and attention to quality that has defined the Huntsman suit for generations; standards which we strive to maintain in our tailoring today.

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