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I visit Savile Row and Meet Ray Stowers Lifestyle Tailor to the Stars


To those on the outside, Savile Row can often seem a closed shop, a street in London only for the very wealthy or those with an ‘old school tie’. But there’s one man who is changing this perception, and his name is Ray Stowers.

By James Phillips

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Walking along Savile Row, the world famous street in London where generations of Gentlemen have visited over the years to have hand tailored suits made, I realised I was quite alone. In fact I was literally the only person walking along the street that day, save for two well dressed gents, who remarked as they past on how nice my suit was!

Now for me, this sums up Savile Row in the 21st century. Many of the gentlemen’s outfitters are intimidating, empty of customers, so much so you are too nervous to even look in the windows let alone venture inside.

But there’s a change in the air! I was there by appointment to visit 13 Savile Row, home to Stowers, the globally famous tailors to Royal families and Hollywood and music stars, but not only to look around the impressive shop, but to actually meet Ray Stowers himself.


Ray Stowers and James Phillips

Established in 2008 as a family business, Ray Stowers has been in the clothing business for nearly 35 years. Ray saw the missing element in Savile Row, ‘Theres a lot more to Savile Row than just making suits’ he says, which certainly rings true with me. Yes you have the tradition, the heritage and name, but you can’t live off the past, and for Savile Row to thrive in the 21st Century it needs to adapt to a changing world, and a different way of life.

This is where Stowers come in, they manage clients wardrobes – globally.

Stowers make hand made clothing for every aspect of your life to suit your lifestyle. They style and design for you from beginning to end, and all made by hand.

Stowers in the words of Ray is ‘100% unique’ no one in Savile Row is making clothing like Stowers. But what does this mean I hear you ask? Well it means Crocodile jackets, fur, for both men and ladies, from safari shorts, to an evening gown, Stowers will make them all, and has made them all.


While the modernisation of Savile Row is a personal goal for Ray, he confirms that having a presence on this famous street is of the upmost importance to his business.

Cutters are based on site, they will measure you, fit you and cut your individual pattern all at Savile Row. The majority of the fabrics used are from the United Kingdom, and Ray has been dealing with them for over 30 years. They are good, reliable fabrics and this encourages Stowers customers to return  to alter, repair and manage their garments for them as an end to end service.


The most important aspect for Ray is to gain your trust and to build that relationship with you, to build a life long partnership. The whole service is built around you as the client.

It all starts with a personal consultation, discuss your ideas and what you will need your clothes for. The clothing has to be appropriate for your lifestyle. Ideas and clothes will be discussed, and the cutter will come to measure you and from that the cutter will make your own personal pattern.


The cutter will cut the cloth, it will be trimmed, and add the linings and canvas and then given to one of the tailors who will put it together and then you will return for a first fitting. The garment is then built around you.


Stowers also has made to measure, but also do a small ready to wear section. Stowers will even make you matching belts and a bag with hand made silver clasps.

Stowers encourages their clients to visit, to relax in their spectacular surroundings and feel totally at ease, and therefore most of their clients become firm friends.


Over the coming weeks I will be bringing you more news from Stowers and Savile Row, if you would like to visit the Stowers website click here – and don’t forget to like their Facebook page!




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