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Twin Dentists of TV Fame Launch First Patented Implant Bridge in the UK: 60% Lighter and Six Times Stronger Than Traditional Bridges

Hassan and Hussein Dalghous are trailblazing 26-year-old twin dentists who are becoming regulars on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch to talk about oral health.

They now usher in the new age of dental implant bridges by revealing the launch of SmileSmart™ which is the first hybrid implant prosthesis patented and made available on the UK market.

As co-founders of the Yorkshire Dental Suite, in Leeds, the pair can now accept patients keen to try the new technology and reap the benefits of bridges which are both 60% lighter and six times stronger than conventional bridges.

A staggering weight difference between SmileSmart™ and conventional implant bridges sees the new technology weigh in at nearly three times less. This offers a vast improvement to comfort and quality of life: patients can reduce the extra weight in their mouth from nearly 50g to just 17.8g.

Hassan Dalghous said: “We are proud to be the first to launch SmileSmart™ for UK patients as it marks a significant leap forward in dental bridge technology. The best part is – we have managed to keep the cost of this treatment the same as conventional bridges. We genuinely want to make it as accessible as possible to patients across the UK.”

“New and existing patients should consider making the switch if they were considering or already have solid metal implant bridges, as the improvements made on comfort, strength and durability can have a massive impact on quality of life.”

The futuristic design of SmileSmart™ introduces a lattice nanomesh structure to distribute the load and reduce pressure on the implants, compared to a conventional bridge which localises the load on the area of contact. What this means is a longer-lasting prosthesis which surpasses a best-case scenario for traditional bridges of a 10 year lifespan and leaves the patient more comfortable.

Hussein added: “Conventional metal implant bridges dominated the market for the better part of a half-century as, in absence of a better solution, traditional bridges remained the go-to for many dentists across the country and indeed the world up until the present day.”

“Only now can we offer a better alternative and both of us are delighted to be at the forefront of delivering this new technology to the public.”

SmileSmart™ consultations can be booked now at the Yorkshire Dental Suite, the highest ranked dental surgery in the UK on Google.

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