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International Luxury Connoisseur James W. Phillips Collaborates with Vintage Heuer

Essex based John Danby Racing and renowned vintage watch business, Vintage Heuer have announced an exciting collaboration with luxury lifestyle expert, James W Phillips.

By Charlotte Quantrine and Red Carpet Events

Images: LNO

Established in 2002, John Danby are a leading race team and engineering company who have experienced success both on and off the track and were instrumental in the design, development and manufacture of the Lotus Motorsport Elise race car.


Vintage Heuer – leading online watch shop that buys and sells vintage Tag Heuer watches and accessories which have become desirable collectibles in recent years, have also decided to appoint the Essex born jet setter James W Phillips as their brand ambassador.

The founder of the hugely successful, James W Phillips, is an expert in luxury living and uses his online platform to showcase the best luxury brands and events around the world. With the fascination for luxury brands and how the other half lives on the increase, James provides his readers with an insight into his jet set lifestyle, showing them how to achieve affordable luxury in their own lives.

Along with his love for luxury comes his passion for racing and sports cars and plans are underway to develop James’ appetite for speed into his becoming a racing driver for John Danby.


When asked about these new brand partnerships, James said:

“I am hugely excited by this collaboration with two of the most respected brands in the luxury market today. Whilst I am passionate about designer watches and in particular the classic timepieces of Vintage Heuer and am proud to promote the brand, I am also thrilled at the prospect of getting behind the wheel of some of the most aspirational cars in the racing world!”

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