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You Are in Safe Hands with Xtreme Security GmbH

Being in the public eye has always carried risks. With the number of bomb threats, stalking cases, and robberies that have happened to VIPs in the past decade alone. It is no wonder people of renown are carefully vetting their security staff to the highest standard in the industry.

A company that can boast all of this, and back it up with some serious credentials, is Xtreme Security company from Germany. Like their name, and motto; Acta Non-Verba (acts not words) implies, the firm offers not only a myriad of security packages for every likely event but also secure luxury transportation with limousines and executive protection trained drivers.

Founded in 2015 in Croatia, with offices in Munich and Frankfurt, in Germany, the company is focused on providing a Close Protection and Luxury Secure Transportation service for Domestic and Foreign VIPs, as well as many other People of Prestige.

In the meantime, Xtreme Security has so far amassed a remarkable range of clients. Included among that distinguished clientele have been a considerable number of high-ranking politicians and prominent corporate executives. Recently, their services have been employed at various prestigious luxury private yacht parties at Monaco and Cannes Yacht Show, and in the time of Formula 1 and Rolex Masters tennis tournament in Monaco.

SUPERYACHT SECURITY is one of their specialties.
If you are interested in bringing your event to a higher level, to represent yourself in a style which will reflect an appropriate impression of your company, think about hiring some security guards for Access Control service at your yacht.

As explained in the interview with the founder and CEO of Xtreme Security GmbH, in areas where there is a lot of people, its possible that someone will try to enter your yacht (mostly because of curiosity and without any bad intentions).  Even though cases such as this are very rare, for peace of mind, some guests feel much more comfortable and secure with a security guard.  Fear and worry are rational, and it is good to have a security guard around anyway, to take care of any incident that may arise.

Usually, the chance of someone trespassing on your yacht is minimal, because there will usually always someone of the crew on board. However, at a party where there is a lot of people, having our officers on deck, who are also crowd control and medically trained, as well as being firefight trained, can be reassuring to have that extra pair of hands when the time comes.

“Some of our clients do not just use our service because they feel unsafe. Many people like to see a security presence, not only to guard against terrorism, but also for other services, such as a first aid service, presence against burglary and theft, vandalism, etc. We have received a lot of positive feedback, including that people felt extraordinary and much more comfortable with our presence, and that really means something, and speaks for itself.“

If you own a superyacht, then Xtreme Security can provide you with top-notch security, whether your yacht is in the port or at sea.

The trained Ship Security Officers and Port Facilities Security Officers will assess your yacht and develop security measures especially to suit your needs. The officers also have an advanced insight into the International Ship and Port Facilities code (ISPS).

Maybe you would like to escape and visit private beaches? Secret and far away from cities, paparazzi and crowds? These Powerboat Certified officers can find them for you, as well as keep an eye on your yacht while you enjoy and relax.

As well as providing qualified Maritime Security Officers they are capable of providing you with a Security Operative who is Yacht Master Certified. They have 3 operatives that can act as your personal protection officer, who can manage access control on your yacht at your private event, and be your own skipper. So you can have all that in one person – Imagine that?!

Xtreme Security is also capable of providing sophisticated anti-drone systems that can protect your privacy. Celebrities, executives, dignitaries, and others with personal security concerns use anti-drone devices for advance detection and warning of drone presence.
Also, private events with high entertainment value or controversy are prime opportunities to spy, harass, harm, or illegally record using drones.

Together with their partner DEDRONE, their anti-UAS system offers permanent and temporary instalments for special events, – even in locations with minimal infrastructure, like beaches or golf courses, yachts or villas that you have rent for a certain period of time.

Event and residential security are also available from the company. From patrolling a private property to event security, they will first carry out a detailed risk assessment on each property and situation to formulate the best plan to protect the client optimally.

GOVERNMENT LEVEL Secure Transportation Services
The Luxury Secure Transport Service is available around the clock and available for any circumstance, from the day-to-day, such as airport pick-ups and dentist appointments, to highly specialized operations involving strategic maneuvers. Their cars and security drivers are all image appropriate, reflecting the high class required of their clientele, and this can be tailored to be as casual or as formal as the client desires. Also available on this service is the transportation of high-value assets such as diamonds and have already completed such assignments in Monaco in 2016. While we are talking with the director of Xtreme Security, his team is currently preparing for the watch exibition in Munich and a high value asset protection assignment of 1Mil € worth of watches.

From their own app that can be find on Google Play and Appstore searchable by the name of the app „Xtreme Security“ you can order a ride within the EU. Except ordering a ride clientele can add extras such as Champagne, Cuban Cigars, Whiskey, Caviar, in addition to some gift products from their partners. One of them is Moet Hennessey and most of their spirits are also available there.

As well as a fleet of Mercedes Benz S Class, and CLS, the company also uses both V-Class and Sprinter minivans, either of which is perfect for holding business meetings in on-the-go. All of these vehicles are insured up to €16 million for injury or death. The company also has available fleet of luxurious JetVans in cooperation directly with the manufacturer, which are perfect if you want to arrive at your destination in style, in the best Limousine Service in Germany.

When transporting treasured cargo, it is valuable to know what qualifications the people you entrust your safety to have. The company also owns concession for transportation of the passenger, which has been issued from the Ministry and in cooperation with their German insurance partner, they can insure your valuables in transit from point A to point B for short periods of time. For example, They had a client who asked for extra legal insurance from the airport to the hotel for just 30 minutes and 40 kilometers of driving in total. That policy cost the client €2000, for the jewelry worth €600,000

For security drivers, a full professional driving license (German P-Schein) is required, they must be ex-military or law enforcement to make sure they have real-world experience in driving in many different scenario’s, pass an extensive program that takes in protective driver training, be a member of ISDA (International Security Driver Association), be a certified close protection officer, and be able to provide first aid and childcare under any circumstance.
Most importantly, they must be of good standing and character. The clientele is guaranteed the utmost discretion.

TCSM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, or TCSM, is a method deployed by experts, to discover and eliminate threats of illegal devices that, unknowing to the person targeted, lifts sensitive business information for usually nefarious reasons. Effective espionage on this may decide the fate of the business being attacked.  That’s why many companies are now looking for the services of TSCM experts.

This threat of staling information is often used by competitors who seek to trace the secrets of the business through long-term monitoring of its activity. The end goals is to obtain confidential business documents, sensitive technical information, and database information about the clients of the business and price proposals for any offers. TCSM experts, Xtreme Security partner from Israel offer a wide range of facilities, covering the entire process of finding and eliminating these threats.

Equipped with the most up-to-date tools and tech, the services include pre-research, monitoring, post-surveys, and much more, and are highly trained in neutralising these threats. As with all their services, this will be customized specifically to match each client’s specific needs. Their partner employs a vast range of state-of-the-art equipment, including thermal cameras, jammers, and electromagnetic field readers.

The scope of work during a session is huge and very intricate.

From low level threats, which include private and personal information, to medium level threats, usually concerning sales and marketing information, and harrassment and illeal surveillance, to high level, which can involve spy equipment planted by government officals, and take half a million  dollars worth of equipment to locate, Xtreme Security can handle all of this with ease.

Xtreme Security’s Personnel Service can be combined with their Luxury Secure Transport Service or booked as a stand-alone service. Taking in not just close protection services, but residential security, superyacht security, and event security planning.

Their bodyguard services are beneficial for clientele attending events, or just out and about, and personnel are trained to subtly and quickly address critical issues in a situation that may escalate into a threat, well before that threat can inflict any damage to the client. To do this effectively, Xtreme Security employs a unique system of risk management, which includes background checks and risk calculation of the destination you will be travelling to, and the people there. This is then used analytically in real time, where it will continuously change, depending on various factors. If a risk does occur, avoidance, then escape will be deployed, and as a last resort, only then will confrontation be used.

Most of Xtreme Security’s personnel have real field experience in the military or police force, which, even before they come into Xtreme’s intense and extensive training programme, makes sure each member has real-world experience of dealing with threats.

Xtreme Security also handles each feature of each job, to the finest detail, so nothing is overlooked. This customized service is further enhanced by Xtreme Security working closely with government establishments, as well as agencies around the world, to further cement and coordinate the service to any need imaginable, including occurrences like media and paparazzi, including an anti-drone service, focusing on superyachts, as well as the increasing use of public drones, which can infringe on clientele security.

Probably the most detail-oriented VIP protection service out there.
Any client can rest assured that each service will be a completely made-to-order service, supported and linked up by a giant network of yacht charters, air charters, luxury villa rentals and so much more.

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March 15, 2023