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Illumina Cosmetics by Julia Blanche Hristova


Illumina cosmetics is a unique spa line and passion of Julia Blanche Hristova, a professional model and TV personality.

Images by Illumina Cosmetics.

Julia Blanche Hristova – model turned entreprenuer and owner of Illiumina Cosmetics Instagram: @illuminacosmetics

Created in collaboration with distinguished experts and specialists in aesthetic medicine, Illumina skincare is produced to the highest standards since 2013 with its innovative formulations, hand picked ingredients, and sophisticated packaging.

Illumina cosmetics

Julia, so nice to interview you for Luxury News Online.

What makes Illumina different? 

I wanted products that are light in texture, yet very effective, providing an immediate boost and lift to the skin. Secondly, for me it is very important to manufacture ethically. Our formulas do not contain chemicals such as parabens and other toxic preservatives, or mineral oils and artificial colouring, and importantly, Illumina is not tested on animals. All our beauty products are mixed at cold temperatures which is very important so not to destroy the vital ingredients that nourish the skin.

Last but not least, I wanted to ensure that Illumina’s bottles and packaging are luxurious in both look and feel. As I was designing them, I noticed that many natural products I like, just didn’t look good enough as packaging on my bathroom shelf. I wanted Illumina to look sexy in the bathroom.

Illumina cosmetics

Your job as a model allowed you to start promoting and selling your products from the top, right? 

Yes! My first clients were naturally models as I am one, and believe me we are not easy to please when it comes to skin care. That’s why I wanted Illumina to feel like a spa treatment in a bag.

From the very beginning, I started to promote and sell the products among VIP circles in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival, and Monaco during different fashion and charity events. That was a huge and risky test, because as you know working within the most exclusive circles of society can either make you or break you. But I am so proud to say that it all worked out really well! Very importantly, we managed to maintain affordable prices.

How does Illumina set itself apart from the competition? What can you offer your customers?

Taking care of our clients and tailoring their needs is a priority. As a courtesy, a skin care consultation is available on-line for FREE at as a customer don’t just buy a cream or a sérum from us, you purchase an experience where you
will be taken care of from the very beginning. Keeping women empowered and dazzling is our true mission.

Where is Illumina sold to the public? 

At the moment, we are selling in selected spas and offices of aesthetic medicine in Italy, France, and Monaco. In Dubai, we have a presence online at, a local company delivering in the UAE. Now, I am super excited to collaborate with James from with a base in London which will allow me to truly expand my global reach.

Where can curious readers find more information about Illumina? 

You can visit our website at and follow us on Instagram at

You can buy Illumina cosmetics starting from this August on

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