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Satisfashion Access Granted

We interview Julia Blanche Hristova as she arrives at the dazzling fashion show in Monaco, Satisfashion

Julia Blanche Hristova, a patroness of SATISFASHION, arrives trendy in white suite and dark lips on June 16th in La Meredien Monaco where fifteen designers from all around the world gather together to present their collections. 

Julia how do you decide what to wear?

It is very much an “of the moment” decision depending on my mood and the occasion. As a model I love being versatile, therefore I can pull off quite well an edgy look like dark lips and a T-shirt, as well as an ultra-feminine evening gown. It’s really about where I am going and how do I feel that navigates my looks. 

Julia Blache Hristova
Photographer: Hermine Björkman. MUA Irina Awad, Hair Kevin Smenk, T-shirt Flavia Canata Skin Illumina

How important is fashion to you? 

“Fashion isn’t just part of my life it is my life, since I was 15 years old and chose to model. So being invited by ‘Alwayssupportalent’ as one of the four Patronesses along with other talented women like Angela Donava, Lady Cris Egger, and Lorena Baricalla is quite an honour and a celebration of my career.

What did you like the most from the presented shows?

“I liked the entire event, but my favourite were the last two designers and in particular Alette Atelier. Ewelina Dec is a designer from Poland that showed such sophisticated clothes in all lengths. Her collection was glam but modern, dreamy but not overdone. I just loved it, and can see me wearing half the pieces that she presented.

Julia what does the future hold for you?

“I can’t predict the future” (she laughs) “but next is Venice Film Festival and Satisfashion in Milan in September. Looking forward to it is as Milan has a special place in my heart.

SATISFASHION was held under the patronage of the Italian Embassy with the presence of Prince Serge of Yugoslavia, and other VIPS such as Vicar of Italian Ambassador Michaela Palumbo , Marketa Hakkinen, wife of the famous F1 driver, Birgit and Constantine Panoussi, Skal Club Monaco President, Mario Koss, CEO of the Berlin PresseBall, Luciana de Montigny, wife of the Brazil Ambassador

Jelena Mandic, Prince Serge of Yugoslavia, Cris Egger

The 15 international designer part of Satisfashion:

Barbara Caly | Agnes Wuyam with Patricio Parada jewels and Manuela Gomez bags | Amber pieces by Aleksander Gliwinski accompanied by a collection of Viktoriia Nosach  | Alessandro Franza | Didimara | Dono da Scheggia  | Aline Celi | | Lulu De Paluza | Rockmadchen | Yulia Fedetska | Alette

ALWAYSUPPORTALENT new generations designers :

Alessandra Aiardo | Chemi Akutami | Freeze the Breeze Beachwear | Enssoie Foulards | Raffaele Zenga | Nobahar design | SicuLAB | Miss Con Turbnte | Meaornamenta | Giosa Milano | Tosetti

Chemi Akutami

Chemi Akutami & Flavia Cannata

The main organizers  Flavia Cannata , CFO of Alwayssupport talent in Monaco & Kasia Stefanow, CFO of My Style Events in Berlin bring freshness and edge of fashion into the principality of Monaco. They plan to extend it internationally supporting new talents in fashion & design. 

Kasia Stefanow and Flavia Cannata

Next edition of Satisfashion will take place in Milan on September 22nd. 

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