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Going out is going in!

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Be Your Own Hero… quite self explanatory I think… but from me the meaning is: you are your power. You have the courage to achieve! Equipping yourself with the tools to be the best version of you, you can be. Building a positive mental attitude. We fundraise for mind and military charities by outdoor adventure.

The brand was created during lockdown 2020 with a vision to help others, build a community of likeminded people and to encourage outdoor adventure through the clothing brand.

Why outdoor therapy? The outdoors has played a huge part in my personal journey. Climbing my first mountain in Wales – Snowdonia in 2015. From this point on I believe I got the bug! I then made it my mission to complete all routes up and down Snowdon. I then conquered Scafell Pike and last but not least… Ben Nevis. The national 3 peaks. I managed to tick off Ben Nevis only in September this year of 2020. I love mountains but not just mountains, I love walking and just being outdoors in general. I research walking routes and hill climbs constantly… always planning my next adventure. It keeps up my momentum and motivation. I touched on a bit of scrambling on Crib Goch route – Snowdon and would love to do more and progress to harder scrambles. I would love to start climbing too. Shropshire is my home and I managed to discover and enjoy a lot of the beauty here including all of the Shropshire hills, during lockdown 2020… I even made a 2021 calendar so I could share my photography from my adventures with you and you could start planning some of yours! 

I‘ve always loved the outdoors, I was lucky enough to be taken on ski holidays with family when I was growing up which I then decided to go onto snowboarding. I was taken on camping trips as well. I also did my Duke of Edinburgh award at high school. Then, As soon as I could, I started travelling without my family and wanted to explore more of the world and go on more adventures.

I have a fitness background being a qualified PT and group training instructor. I am a training British Army Reservist. The Army has taught me the importance of core values – which I wanted to share with you guys too. See social media for details in my highlights. Being without the gym throughout lockdown 2020 has highlighted what our organic gym can do for us both physically and mentally and it’s free and so beautiful! My personal life hasn’t come without its struggles and whilst I’m not a trained professional, I highly recommend the outdoors. For me, the outdoors has helped build my strength and resilience to get through the tough times and looked after my mental health.

The outdoors for me is my ‘therapy’, I use it to feed my soul – it makes me feel good. I use it to reflect. I use it to create. I use it for exercise. I use it to free my mind. I use it to think. I use it to recharge. I use it to breathe deeply. I use it to connect with myself, with others and to connect with nature itself. I share with you my passion to hope you feel the benefits I have had and continually still have with the outdoors.

I love bringing new people into or rather out to, the outdoors. A lot of people have contacted me to get involved on adventures so I look forward to meeting up when we can, weather you are an avid adventurer already or are new and keen to see what the outdoors is all about.

In the meantime, Open your front door and take a step outside for a stroll, a run, hill sprints, add weight on your back for more of a challenge! You’ll be amazed with the results.

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