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Celebrate World Oyster Day with a £36,000 Pearl Themed Date

August 5th marks World Oyster Day and to celebrate, pearl specialist, Laguna Pearl, have put together the perfect pearl themed date – one that costs a whopping £36,000.

All images supplied by Araminta at the search Laboratory


Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac, so what better way to celebrate World Oyster Date than with your husband, wife or partner? This extravagant date includes a trip to another country, a platter of the most delicious and expensive seafood around, and some fabulous top-notch bubbly to top it all off.


Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients that combined make the perfect formula for everlasting love:

  • Coffin Bay King Oysters – £686
  • Almas Caviar – £1126
  • 24ct Gold Leaf Powder – £44
  • Antique Sterling Silver Oyster Tray – £11360
  • Maine Lobster – £87
  • Dom Perignon – £423
  • Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace – £20394
  • Flights to Coffin Bay – £1662

This could very well be the world’s most expensive date – they say money can’t buy you love, but looking at everything on this list, we’re not sure we agree! With a range of mouth-watering aphrodisiacs and the perfect gift of pearls, we’re pretty sure you could buy anyone’s heart with this incredible combo.


Sammy Rbibo, Managing Director of Laguna Pearl, says:

“Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend –  it’s now all about pearls. These timeless beauties are the perfect romantic gesture, and there’s no better way to celebrate World Oyster Day than with a perfect pearl themed trip to the stunning south coast of Australia!


“Oysters, lobsters, caviar, and champagne make the perfect dinner – even at the incredible cost of £36,000. This incredible date has an eye-watering price tag, but for a trip of a lifetime and a meal that melts your heart, it’s worth going the extra mile and splashing out on the one you love.”

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