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With £140 Million in His Pocket, What’s Next for Charlie Mullins, Britain’s Flushest Tradesman?


For a man whose foray into the working world began when he was just 10 years old, when he bunked off school to earn 2 bob (10p) a day with a local plumber, the notion of slowing down does not cross the thoughts of Charlie Mullins OBE despite the £140 million sale of his former company, Pimlico Plumbers.

The jet setting life of luxury has been well established: a London penthouse overlooking the River Thames, a multi-million pound villa in Marbella plus a small portfolio of luxury villas and a regular acquaintance with luxurious suites in Dubai via his private jet speaks volumes. Now, Mullins seeks to create a legacy with new ventures which take him even further away from the hard graft of a life in the trades.

This is a businessman of national renown who sits in the imagination of the British public through media, TV/newspaper columns and involvement in a soon to be aired TV series. Now the no-nonsense and outspoken entrepreneur who illustrated his credibility as a business advisor to George Osborne and David Cameron, is launching a presence in the world of media and music.

He bought “a chunk” of radio station Great British Radio which is available online and on DAB in Herts, Beds, Bucks, North London, Surrey and South London and supports its aim to supplant the drudgery of the radio waves so often plagued by the miserable news cycle. Great British Radio instead promises “a laugh every 10 minutes” and features humour, upbeat interviews and fresh, popular music.

The station is the brainchild of comedian and broadcaster Mike Osman who counts on the support of Charlie Mullins to bring it to reality and serve as its chairman. A glittering cast of celebrity guests are already gracing the show with appearances from eminent voices such as Chris Tarrant, Joe Pasquale and Harry Redknapp.

Charlie Mullins’ fiancé – sensational singer RaRa, is soon to release her debut album next year and has given the former plumbing king a chance to play the role of a business advisor.

This act is steeped in the heady sounds of southern soul and is influenced by an eclectic mix of artists ranging from Dusty Springfield and Aretha Franklin to Amy Winehouse. Mullins was clearly bewitched by RaRa’s powerful live performances and joins the ranks of music lovers who have been entranced by her unique sound and energy.

RaRa has recently returned from Nashville where she recorded her first album working alongside a renowned group of musicians famed for helping produce the Muscle Shoals. The recording took place at the legendary Sound Kitchen Studios which has been graced by music legends such as Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Elton John.

This emerging artist is now working with Hilary Shaw, famed music manager, who was formerly part of Girls Aloud. RaRa is already generating excitement in both the UK and the US and her highly anticipated album is set to release in 2023.

Between Great British Radio and its mission statement to refuse to carry scheduled news bulletins, espousing instead topics related to whimsical fun and lifestyle features, Charlie Mullins will have his hands full. 

The tradesman-turned-mogul will no doubt carry on with the same tireless work ethic that grew Pimlico Plumbers into a prosperous empire and not rest until both new ventures succeed.

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