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Luxury dream team

Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing and Lamy Apel are a real dream team. They love to travel together to exceptional locations, visit brands and events and have fun at the same time. Would you like to travel to the most exceptional places in the world, visit luxury events, meet amazing personalities and attend fashion shows? Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing, luxury consultant and Lamy Apel, fashion stylist, are a real dream team. They love to travel together to exceptional locations, visit brands and events and have fun at the same time.
Boutique Hotel Hirschen, Lake Constance
Corinna Nebgen von Klitzing is a consultant to the world’s wealthy, brand ambassador for several selected high-class brands and the founder and creative director of Deluxe Dynasty. Lamy Apel is a fashion stylist and consultant for several fashion brands and he advises personalities in fashion and style. Moreover, he is a TV personality and presenter of fashion in the media. They inspire each other and are best friends. Moreover, their business areas complement each other very well. During the winter months one of their favourite places to travel to is St. Moritz, a location well known for its high-profile events, exclusive lifestyle, luxury shopping experiences and Michelin starred restaurants.
Michelle Hunziker, Swiss Italian Presenter, Model, Actress.
Many international brands are represented here offering an attractive mixture of mountain style and luxury at the highest level. They are both visiting high-class brands and customers and are regularly invited to exclusive events in St. Moritz especially during the high-season from Christmas time until the Snow Polo tournament at the end of January. Corinna collaborates with several elite companies and specialists in the St. Moritz area as well, as they both have a fantastic network and are often guests on international high-profile events.
‘5 Years Sansibar’ event at Breuninger in Stuttgart.
In October this year they attended the opening of the Champagne Bar ’Bollicine’ in Metzingen, Outlet City, with around 150 hand-picked guests and several high class VIP guests like star presenter Frauke Ludowig, who opened and presented the event, Michelle Hunziker, presenter, actress, singer and model and Leonie Hanne, Petra Dieners and Sandra Bauknecht, fashion influencer, models and media personalities. This event was a true media highlight in German fashion and lifestyle TV and for both of us a must to attend. The fashion red carpet styles at the event were very inspiring and it was a huge please to discuss and connect with several amazing personalities. The “Bollicine” fine drinks and food concept of this shopping Mecca attracts a high-end national and international clientele, and the brand portfolio includes luxury brands like Prada, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Valentino and many others – The perfect surrounding to cover high-class shopping, food and networking all at an elevated level. And of course the next sparkling events are planned already and for Corinna and Lamy it will be a lot of fun to attend together.

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