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Revolutionise your boating experience with Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control Upgrade

Volvo Penta launched its popular Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) back in 2003 and is now offering customers the opportunity to upgrade their boat with the latest version, via tailored upgrades for all eligible boats. In many cases this will enable a substantial and optimized advance of the features and capabilities of older boats. Boaters will enjoy elevated experiences and performance levels while also boosting re-sale values. Electronic Vessel Control upgrade kits are available through Volvo Penta’s dealer network.

Gothenburg, Sweden — February, 2024 — Volvo Penta’s Electronic Vessel Control upgrade offer is the first initiative of its kind on this scale. Upgrades are available up to the current EVC-E4 generation and include the option to add new instruments and displays, and potentially even a redesigned helm station, on top of additional functionality and technical features. Customers can also select the range of software upgrades they want to include. Once Electronic Vessel Control upgrades are completed new functionality becomes available immediately.

Volvo Penta continues to shape the future of boating through services, technology and power solutions to ensure the next adventure is the most exhilarating. With an updated Electronic Vessel Control system, users get more pleasure from their time at sea. On top of improved functionality, Electronic Vessel Control upgrades include the chance to revamp the helm station. That includes the addition of Glass Cockpit, new controls and displays, plus a full 2-year Volvo Penta warranty when work is managed by an authorized dealer. Volvo Penta’s famed Glass Cockpit integrates the engine, driveline and navigation in a single interface for a seamless and transformative driving experience – it’s a shining example of the company’s helm-to-prop philosophy.

Additional functionality will vary by boat, but features such as Powertrim Assist, Cruise Control and Interceptors will become more widely accessible. These features can deliver a far superior boating experience, allowing owners to relax and enjoy the drive, while enabling smoother and safer turns, increasing stability, safety, efficiency and more. Upgrades can also include Tow Mode and Trip Computer, for more enjoyable watersports and enhanced peace of mind.

For customers with the Volvo Penta IPS platform there is an opportunity to add Joystick Steering, Assisted Docking, and Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) for fingertip control, stress-free docking and effortless boating. The Joystick Steering function ensures smoothness and precision in every situation for one-handed steering at any speed with the perfect response. Assisted Docking is Volvo Penta’s award-winning marine automation platform that simplifies boat docking by removing the dynamics of wind and current. Volvo Penta’s DPS will hold the boat’s exact positioning or heading at just a touch, allowing the driver to relax and enjoy the ride.

David Aas, Global Product Manager at Volvo Penta, said:

“Every trip to sea should inspire your next, and using the latest generation Electronic Vessel Control makes for a more integrated, intuitive and easy-to-use experience. An upgrade of the Electronic Vessel Control incorporates software and hardware, and a new helm station can transform a boat by making it more ergonomic and intuitive. As well as a modern look, owners get new technology including Glass Cockpit and the latest controls. And when it’s time to sell the re-sale price could be higher. This is a great way to future-proof your boat and avoid any potential headaches further down the line as older components become harder to source. Customers can begin their upgrade journey today, with a conversation with their local Volvo Penta dealer who can help them find the right package for their vessel.”

Bespoke solution

Volvo Penta introduced the earliest version of its Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system back in 2003 and since then has continued to expand, improve and update its functionality. Today it is one of the best-loved and most advanced operating systems on the market.

The exact scope of each vessel’s Electronic Vessel Control upgrade kit depends on factors such as the number of drivelines, which Volvo Penta drive system and engine are installed, and which generation of the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control is in place. To assess an upgrade, boat owners should contact their local Volvo Penta dealer for an individualized report on the options available. Volvo Penta estimates there are up to 50,000 boats in operation that would benefit from an upgrade of the Electronic Vessel Control system.

“This is a bespoke solution and as far as we know the only service of its kind in the industry. Solutions are tailor-made to each boat and owner. To understand why this is necessary, it’s good to think of the advances in Electronic Vessel Control in the same way as mobile phones. If we look back 15 to 20 years, the mobile phones of that time were only able to do a fraction of what today’s phones can do. It’s the same with our Electronic Vessel Control. With an upgrade there’s an opportunity to get a more enjoyable and modern experience,” added David Aas.









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