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WatchPro in the Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is daily focused on multiple events that make the experience in the Riviera more remarkable. Indeed, on Wednesday 18th May, in collaboration with Club Vivanova, the staff of WatchPro was hosted by Fairmont Hotel to show three of their newest emerging brands.

By Andrea Bogni.

From innovative concepts to different manufacturer styles, these brands brought several ideas that caught the attention of people and watch lovers. The vast choice of styles gave the chance to explore different mindsets, from the world of customization to more classical watches. Labelnoir Genève, for instance, came along with several ideas, inspired by multiple watch firms. Starting from showing an amazing table watch, the brand wanted to move the attention to the customization service they offer to the customer. Either if the client has a personal idea that would like to be realized or it’s the brand itself to propose a concept, the business is mainly based on offering the customer something unique that cannot be replaced giving a more remarkable experience while enjoying the watch.

Singer Reimagined featured a different idea of selling watches. To give the customer a more limited watch, the brand has decided to produce watches in a more limited amount. Indeed, the Founder showed all the collections, from the sportier to the more elegant one, showing how the different amount in production changes the idea of the watch and how the cost of the materials can impact the customer’s mind as a well different approach to the buying process. The iconic design of the watch is inspired by the automobile industry, in particular the Porsche brand. In fact, the flagship product of Singer Reimagined is The Track1 SKLT EDITION which has a design that brings to the idea of the rim of a Porsche 911. It is the first watch from Singer Reimagined with a skeleton dial, allowing the full beauty of its revolutionary movement to be unveiled. Made with 18k yellow gold, the watch is produced only in 15 pieces raising the prestige and the concept of the product.

Thirdly, Claude Meylan came along with a concept completely different from the previous ones. In fact, the product this brand proposed is a thin, light, and easy to wear a watch that can be worn in every situation. With the use of different materials that made all the watches unique in their simplicity, the brand wanted to underline the decorations around the watch, inspiring the design to the colors of the rainbow and differing in size so as to offer a vast choice both to men and women.

The presence of the Founder and CEO of the companies made the event more remarkable and gave the customers a more detailed idea of the brand itself, the heritage, and the minds behind the product. A big thank goes to Fairmont Hotel for the hospitality and to Club Vivanova which gave WatchPro the opportunity to organize such an amazing event on the Horizon Deck.

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