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Miss Monaco Beauty Pageant, Beauty Will Save the World!

Miss Monaco is not just about the annual Pageant and its showcase of gowns, swimsuits and interviews. It’s a 365-day journey of personal growth and community development, for contestants who are willing to take risks, challenge themselves and be the best they can be and go on to help bring the best out in others.


The Miss Monaco Beauty Pageant is currently gathering applications for 2016 edition. Miss Monaco employs a very rigorous process in identifying and selecting the most worthy participants that individually and collectively embody the spirit of our pageant.

Those who apply are invited to a photoshoot, in order to create a portofolio for each contestant, which later they upload on our official website as well as share on our social network profiles. Miss Monaco team also provides a video material for each contestant.


The voting process for choosing Miss Monaco is happening throughout the use of modern technology and social networking, such as Miss Monaco web portal, Facebook and Instagram (we also have Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo), which our contestants use to gather support. So far, the Pageant has already reached an audience of 1.000,000 people on the worldwide level and it is growing.


So far more then 100 contestants has already applied to participate in the competition and we still recieve the application forms.

Miss Monaco has built its reputation as a socially relevant beauty pageant by basing its mission on not only presenting to the public the most deserving candidates for the title of Miss Monaco, but also to ensure that their professional development is connected to drawing international attention to some of our society’s most critical issues that face us today.


Each contestant of the Miss Monaco Beauty Pageant is an ambassador to one of their chosen charities. The audience will have the chance to vote for their favorite contestant, and in so doing, drawing attention to many charitable causes and their organizations. “In this sense we are certain that, Beauty Will Save The World”.

“And we strongly believe that charity gives everyone an opportunity to change society for the better, to use one’s abilities to make a real and lasting contribution to the development and furthering of humanity. The Miss Monaco Beauty Pageant is based on solidarity and collective responsibility, and we believe “natural beauty” has the power to direct worldwide attention to today’s most pressing social problems.”


Thinking of entering? This is what you need to know…..

HOW DO I ENTER THE MISS MONACO BEAUTY PAGEANT? – To enter the pageant you must first create a profile on the Miss Monaco website at Next, upload several photos of yourself (portrait and full size) and a short description of yourself. Then, chose one of the charitable purposes that you are willing to dedicate and support for 1 year, should you win the pageant. Upon completion we will review all other applications received and consider your application accordingly.

IS THERE AN AGE REQUIREMENT? – Yes. Miss Monaco contestants must be at least 18 and under 29 years of age before January 1st in the year they hope to compete in the pageant.



CAN I BE MARRIED? – No, contestants may not be married or pregnant. They must not have ever been married, nor had a marriage annulled or given birth to, or parented a child. The titleholders are also required to remain unmarried throughout their reign.

CAN I COMPETE IN ANY OTHER BEAUTY PAGEANTS? – Yes. Miss Monaco Organization does not forbid the participation in other beauty pageants. However, contestants may only compete in the Miss Monaco pageant once.

ARE YOU ONLY CONSIDERING RUNWAY MODELS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PAGEANT? – Absolutely not! Whether you’re 160 cm tall or 180 cm tall, it doesn’t matter. The judges will be looking for physical fitness, which includes a healthy and fit body. There’s a wide range of body types and styles for the pageant. We’re looking for outgoing, intelligent, confident, attractive young women willing to participate in the competition.


DO I HAVE TO BE A PERENNIAL “PAGEANT GIRL” TO ENTER? – Not at all! In fact, most of our contestants are newcomers to pageants and will be competing for their first time in a beauty pageant.

ARE THERE ANY HEIGHT OR WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS TO COMPETE IN THE PAGEANT? – Absolutely not! Each contestant in our pageant is an individual and the judges are looking for body proportion and personality, not a specific body type or measurement.


DOES IT COST MONEY TO ENTER THE PAGEANT? – No! The Miss Monaco Organization does not require payment or an application fee in order to take part in the pageant.

To visit the website of Miss Monaco check here:

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