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Top Marques Monaco Will Play Host to ARCABOARD: World’s First Flying Hover Board


ARCABOARD: World’s first flying hover board

The same show which last year presented the flying car AeroMobil has been chosen as the launch pad for the ArcaBoard, a 21st century flying carpet. See it! Watch it! Buy it! – Visitors to Top Marques Monaco will be able to see the revolutionary vehicle in action and take one home for 14,900 USD.


The groundbreaking invention is one of dozens of cutting-edge exhibits to be showcased at the 13th edition of Top Marques from April 14th to 17th in the Grimaldi Forum

Dumitru Popescu, CEO of ArcaSpace Corporation, said: “I’m extremely pleased to announce that the official introduction on the worldwide market of the ArcaBoard will be held at Top Marques in Monaco on April 14th.


“This groundbreaking and green technological innovation creates an entirely new transportation sector which runs entirely on electric energy. Launching it in Monaco mirrors the values of this state as a beacon in the green movement.”


The presence of this inspirational vehicle confirms the importance of Top Marques – and the Principality of Monaco – as a supporter of new transportation technologies.



James W Phillips

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