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The Extraordinary Lee Whyberd A Healer for Our Times

Nothing about 52-year-old international powerhouse of healing Lee Whyberd is ordinary, not least his capacity for survival. Diagnosed with multiple abdominal cancers 13 years ago, he nevertheless battled his way to recovery, going on to become a sought-after consultant du jour to the troubled rich and famous.

‘My goal was always to help others’, Lee explains, ‘ any way I can. I’ve been granted a second chance and I truly feel that this is my calling.’ Although he leads a hectic A-lister lifestyle, Lee is still a regular at clairvoyant evenings and séances across the country, where he plays to packed houses, alongside the best-known mediums in the UK, including the late Colin Fry, Jayne Wallace of the Psychic Sisters, Derek Acorah and Billy Cook and Alex Bailey.

Growing up in Caerphilly, Wales, Lee’s humble beginnings led him to work in the local Bargoed factory but following a run-in with local homophobia he left Wales for Kent where he met his life partner and ex-army major, Tin. Lee credits Tin with having shaped the sophisticated practitioner he has become: ‘I was just a backstreet boy’ says Lee, modestly, determined to follow his heart into more high-profile work within the industry but doubting himself. Yet, at the age of 39, nothing prepared him for his own seismic encounter with serious illness, an experience which he confirms triggered an even more profound connection to the afterlife.

He is articulate and gracious, saying that he owes a large part of his ability to his sensitive mother’s side of the family, but the factory boy from Bargoed has blazed around the globe like a comet, on personal invitation from international royalty in Dubai, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and India.

His client list in Dubai reads like a who’s who of the society pages and although Lee oversees a network of treatment centres throughout the Emirates, he is frequently called upon to fly to the glamour capitals of the world for a personal reading.

Despite continued international demand, Lee has been drawn to help those closer to home. At the end of last year he set up a high-end UK practice at the prestigious Ballingdon Hall retreat in Sudbury, Suffolk established by Harley Street Skin, where he will continue to host a raft of personal wellness and spiritual retreats from April onwards.

Like all professionals, Lee is reluctant to disclose details of his celebrity clientele, saying: ‘I keep things private and confidential. My celebrity clients trust me 100%.’ His devotees include Sherrie Hewson, Helen Lederer and Glynis Barber and he has received rave reviews from Helen Lederer and Naomi Isted who have attended his two-day programme of meditation, yoga and healing along with spiritual guidance to release stress and improve physical and mental health.

In these troubled times, as we emerge from an unprecedented pandemic, with the loss of so many loved ones and deep uncertainty as to what the future holds for us all, the phenomenal Lee Whyberd can offer insight and comfort. Those seeking the crème de la crème of modern spirit practitioners can now find him at one of Suffolk’s most discreet and exquisite venues.

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