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Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments S.A.F.E. for SuperYachts and Luxury Homes and Business

Security like no other! SAFE has enjoyed a major global presence in the security industry for over 40+ years.

Images and editorial by Carson Pitcher from SAFE

SAFE provides architecturally-based security solutions for corporations, residences and super-yachts. SAFE security solutions are integrated into new construction and existing structures.

Their client’s residences can range from a penthouse in New York to a 60,000 square foot home in Colorado. SAFE has the most sophisticated technology in the industry.


They believe that no service is more important to their clients than knowing they are in a secure environment that enriches their lives and insulates their families and possessions from any harm in the most natural, advanced and elegant manner.

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Here are two articles sent in to us by Carson Pitcher from SAFE

The following is a link from the Wall St. Journal which is a printed article with a video imbedded.
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