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It’s a Model Life – Guendalina Donnio

Guendalina Donnio

Italian born Guendalina Donnio is a well-known, popular model on the French Riviera.

The combination of her natural beauty and love for fitness has resulted in an impressive modelling portfolio.


Photography: Loic Thebault.

When Guendalina was only 10 years old, her parents emigrated to Nice where she finished her education. When she was 18, the director of a modelling agency discovered her while she was walking down the street and asked if she would be interested in being a model. A fairytale story so many young girls aspire to. Guendalina was in the right place at the right time and when reviewing her portfolio you know it was meant to be.

At this young age Guendalina had no self-confidence and was very shy, so was very surprised when the director approached her. She quickly fell in love with modelling once she had started receiving bookings.

Guendalina Donnio
Photography: Hill Hart

Guendalina’s love for fitness and addiction to sport has given her the innate ability to adapt her modelling career and is now a sort after fitness model. Her wide range of sporting interests such as horse riding, tennis, cardio workouts at the gym, running and skiing has given her an all round physicality that is very appealing to the sports modelling industry and the majority of her work is now bikini modelling.

‘Everyday I walk a minimum of 10 km’

Guendalina Donnio
Photography: Hill Hart

In her presence, it’s like spending time with a very serene creature, she is Swan – like, graceful, with effortless style and a gentle manner, combining the best of her Italian and French heritage. Watching her dance she exudes the same hypnotic presence. She certainly is an inspiration to get off your sofa and get walking.

‘Everyday I walk a minimum of 10 km. I love to walk because I can zone out and de-stress. With this passion in my life I can eat as often as I want and what I want. It’s very important for me not to have a diet because eating is a pleasure.’

Guendalina lives in the moment and enjoys every single day of her exciting, busy career. ‘I don’t really think about the future, however a career in my family’s business may be an option.’ Being a pragmatic person, she knows that she cannot work as a model all her life and dreams of having a family of her own one day.

Follow Guendalina on Instagram: @fitnessmodel.g

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