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Luxury Works of Art for Deck, Balcony and Stairs

James Pader has been crafting mountain laurel handrails on special requests from clients since 2004. James started receiving inquiries about the availability of the product nationwide in the USA and then the first national shipment went from Franklin, NC to Washington State.

By James Phillips

James works with a team of independent woodworkers who he has trained in railing crafting techniques. Each crafter produces works of exceptional beauty that will add a unique design element to your home decor.


The most common application for Mountain Laurel Handrails is on exterior decks, and they’re a perfect fit for a variety of styles. Whether it’s a porch covered over with a roof and timber frame structure or a deck that’s open to the air above, this type of rail adds rustic style unlike any other. With a clean and natural look, Mountain Laurel Handrails give a finished and polished feel to any exterior deck. The sticks will be red when the sections arrive, but will weather to a lovely silver colour. However, the red colour can be preserved with regular use of a penetrating stain in the colour named “Natural”.


Pergola Deck Railings

Everyone loves to relax on an exterior deck when the summer months come on. This deck with a pergola and lovely furniture arrangement is made even more inviting by the Mountain Laurel Handrails. Blending the boundary between the deck and the woods beyond, these handrails are a unique design element.


Grand Stair Railing

Elegance. This picture finds mountain laurel in a more formal setting. The laurel screening in the wood handrail pictures exude both movement and strength. Hard angles, straight milled lumber, and tongue and groove walls are relieved by the fluidity of the laurel screens. You might expect to find this home in a gallery of wrought iron railing pictures. As these these stair railing photos prove, the laurel screens are an artful touch that bring an air of class to the finest homes.



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James W Phillips

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