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Janice Sylvia Brock Unveils Her Latest Collection of Paintings at Exclusive Private Gallery


Internationally acclaimed artist Janice Sylvia Brock has been described as of the most exciting painters of the new millennium and a master of colour and form.

Her work hangs in private collections in Europe, the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the USA where two small oil paintings depicting the English landscape grace the walls of the White House.

A petite, attractive and vibrant woman with a wicked sense of humour, painting for Janice has become a medium for self-expression and a way of lightening up the world around her.


Janice approaches a new canvas without the aid of sketches, photographs, or preliminary outlines. From the first touch of colour laid onto the virgin canvas, her brush strokes are utterly confident, and this is evident in the results: works which resonate with life, sensuality, and humour.

Janice divides her time between her homes in Alderley Edge and Barbados where she has studio galleries at both. Her ‘fauves’ style comes from the people and tropical flowers and plants of the Caribbean. Red, depicting passion and heat, features powerfully in her work, along with the yellows of sunshine and blues of the ocean, while comparisons to Matisse come from her more recent ‘Oval Faces’ collection.

Janice’s career has been stellar. In 2010, she exhibited in London’s world-famous Saatchi Gallery, while a private showing of her work was attended by HRH The Prince of Wales. In June 2011, she was a guest of HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Her work has changed hands for as much as US $250,000, and although tight lipped about who buys her work, it is known that her paintings hang in some of the most prestigious private collections including those of the Duke of Westminster, Richard O’Brien and John Madejski. She is regularly commissioned by corporate clients and her art is on view in the reception areas and boardrooms of blue-chip companies all over the world.


Janice’s energy is boundless. Over the years, she has provided art therapy for people in Cheadle Royal Hospital, has lectured in art at King of King’s College, Manchester, provided art lessons at Styal Women’s Prison and has been artist in residence at the exclusive Villa Nova Hotel in Barbados, where celebrities such as Cliff Richard and Cilla Black have watched her paint.

The list of charities which have benefited from this indefatigable and talented woman is endless, driven as she is by a love of life and a determination to help others. Her most recent post being Ambassador to The Haven + London charity which supports the needs of the creative community who have struggled more than most during the global pandemic.

Driven by a love of life and a true commitment to helping others, Janice still finds time to paint and she is particularly excited by her next exhibition at the prestigious Nineteen Gallery in London’s Chelsea which will feature her latest collection of nudes and Oval Faces while offering visitors a unique gallery experience!

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