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International entrepreneurs set to converge on American High School


This October will see the 2nd Global Business Education Initiative (GBEI) which brings ‘the business world into the classroom,’ a world-leading initiative to give high school children a real-world taste of business life from all around the globe. Founded by Mike Levy, Business Department Chair at La Salle Institute, Troy NY, and CEO of Eclectic, and co-founded by James W Phillips, CEO of the JWP Media Group from the United Kingdom.

The GBEI is a 2-day international event held at the la Salle Institute high school in Troy, NY and attracts business leaders from the USA and the UK, flying across the Atlantic to join as panellists. After the success of the inaugural GBEI in a pre-pandemic 2019, the post-pandemic 2022 event promises to deliver the ‘wow factor’ with a day 1 drinks reception for guests, school dignitaries, teachers and parents, a full day 2 of panel discussions and introductions with the school pupils in the main sports hall, with multi-media link-ups to the UK, culminating that evening in a glittering black-tie gala dinner and awards event with invitations for local and national media, local and school dignitaries, teachers, parents and pupils and business leaders.

Highlights include:

  • The chance for pupils to meet international business leaders
  • Connecting and promoting the Capital District and La Salle to the wider world
  • Empowering and motivating marketing students to think outside the box, and experience real-world and live business projects to generate their own revenue
  • Sponsorship and PR opportunities for local business to have global exposure through the JWP Media Group
  • Post-pandemic feel-good gala event with professional photography supporting the local community
  • Awards ceremony with amazing opportunities for La Salle pupils
  • The opportunity to bring local business global exposure and opportunities

To register your interest in sponsorship packages, to attend as a business leader, and to buy gala tickets contact Mike Levy:

About the GBEI and La Salle Institute

La Salle Institute is an independent, private, Catholic college preparatory school run by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Troy, New York, United States serving boys and girls in grades six through twelve.

James W Phillips

For 9 years, the Business Program of La Salle Institute has been bringing the real world of business into the classroom by providing authentic business opportunities to the students of the school’s marketing classes.  The marketing students at La Salle have the unique opportunity to work on projects for companies from around the world.  To date, La Salle students have worked with over 60 companies in 13 countries.  The projects the students have worked on are everything from logo and website design to full scale marketing plans.


Picture credits: JWP Media Group

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