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When I Met Superstar Divanessa at the Cannes Film Festival ‘The Lady in Red’

In the sunshine of the French Riviera, at a glittering event organised by GEO Global Events Monaco  – ‘La Nuit de l’Orient’ I met the beautiful and talented Divanessa, ‘The Lady in Red’

By James Phillips for Luxury News Online, all images taken by James


James with Divanessa

In the elegant surroundings of the Inter-Continental Carlton Cannes, I found myself among guests from all over the world at ‘La Nuit de l’Orient’ including famous stars and international celebrities all treated to cocktails, dinner, concert and a fashion show, and one of those was the fabulous Divanessa.


In the media scrum I found myself next to Divanessa… ‘The Lady in Red’

Divanessa was going to perform on stage that evening. As she entered in a spectacular evening dress, everyone’s attention switched from the opulent surroundings around them to placing their gaze on this most beautiful of women. But there’s more than just looks and glamour here, Divanessa is a hugely talented musician, and only after having met her did I realise just what a natural artist she was, just take a look at her music videos here to see for yourself!


A Lebanese violin player Divanessa was born in Montreal-Canada and grew up in Lebanon. She was just nine years old when she started playing the violin.

‘…her music is a fusion of occidental grooves and oriental spirits.’

The beautiful Divanessa is the most anticipated violin player in the Middle East. It’s not actually hard to figure out why, it’s because underneath her beautiful looks, lies individual musical virtuosity and the sharpest of ears for what a global audience wants to hear.


An explosive live performer, Divanessa stared in an intensive touring program that has taken her around the middle-east , where she especially shined in Khmissa Festival in Morocco, even though she hasn’t released yet her first album Longa V and music video: Longa V composed by Sami Bitar and directed by Yehya Saade.


Her most popular events: Carthage festival in Tunisia, Bowling worldwide tournament in Kuwait, Harley Davidson event in Bahrain, VIem jeux de la fancophonie Beirut 2009, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Montreal, Abuja and London.


Interviewed by İmad hawari Author/Presenter/Executive of stars

Besides her musical education, there is sparkling intelligence, she holds a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and Negotiations.

The event was covered by international press, TV, and magazines, and after the stage show Divanessa gave international interviews to the world’s media and then swept through the Inter-Continental Cannes lobby like the true star that she is.


I was lucky enough to have my photo taken with Divanessa, and then she was gone, to the next appearance and international performance. Since then we have become friends and I am truly honoured to know such a huge musical talent.

You can follow Divanessa here on her social media pages and on her excellent website:


A note about Les Amis du Liban

Since 2002 the humanitarian organisation Les Amis du Liban à Monaco has helped children and disadvantaged people in Lebanon and worldwide by focusing on health, education, and culture decision makers.

Thanks to their donors and generosity, as well as volunteers’ help, numerous actions have been taken towards the very poor year after year.

The background to this special event is the collaboration with the Lebanese Red Cross, the World Health Organisation and various Lebanese organisations, their association has reached an international dimension and, apart from its implication in local development in Lebanon, is fundraising and meeting humanitarian emergencies in favour of stricken populations in the world such as earthquakes in Haiti in January 2010, in May 2012 in Italy, but also recently by supporting refugees from Syria displaced to Lebanon.

Furthermore their engagement has been officially recognised by the United Nations which appointed by Bouran Bouery, founder and creator of GEO specialised in luxury events for privileged customers in Monaco and abroad as UNDP Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador for Western Europe.

In order to raise funds for its humanitarian projects, GEO’s association organises, in partnership with the UNDP, staged this very special gala evening which was held on May 23rd 2016 in the Grand Salon of the Inter-connental Carlton in Cannes, during the International Film Festival for which approximately 250 prestigious guests attended.



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  1. Vanessa Nassar !

    She got that too couple of minutes ago !

    Cristina Keselef !

    Cristina I did write Nadiya Zigham et c’est parti that is an anonymous email I can use . Good luck. Love you.

    Nadiya Zigham !
    I do send you to my wife to Kurdistan there Will be productions singles album . Divanessa Vanessa Nassar And Hanine Arabia that girl and Cristina KESELEF violin players. Hip-hop rap she will make it. Because of botherings emails and phone calls they did kick her from USA . She is working in Kurdistan Iraq Erbil got a famous beauty salon luvion and Cafe and a foundation. Her name is Helan Abdullah using at that time Helly Luv that name. She got a guest lead role appearance in the Iran Movie and got two wold film awards. Not her movie . She is getting 47 movie USA and 12 India movies. You can appear three movies. Singles produced by : Nadiya Zigham executives together Hanine surname Divanessa … Cristina Keselef Nadiya Zigham Helan Abdullah. Album too. I di did prepare the productions . Not to release in Turkey. But Emirates kurdistan middle east Jordan etc. Morocca etc. Etc. Etc. . good luck I did connect you in Germany . I do run everything in the Media worldwide . Oscars Grammys etc. More than 5000 Oscars and more than 5000 Grammys made. Good luck. To release in France that does work England Italy Spain. There will be more than 10 acts singers etc. Rappers. Mariah Carey Dua Lipa Enisa singer ( enisa Nikai or as emiline Nikaine. ) Mark Wahlberg etc. Etc etc. Maurice Buttler Snap power rapper ( hip-hop er ). Eric Singleton modern talking rapper You are not alone an Mr. President Coco and Jambo Lou bega mambo no. 5 Worldstars ) no Mercy Don’t let me be misunderstood and Five boy group singers rappers. My name Is Oezer Karakas . She is getting productions also in Tennessee Nashvile singles and albums. Eros Ramazzotti and Adriano Celentano. Good luck . Nadiya Zigham. Love you. Good Luck.

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