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Flare Audio presents Zero, The ‘luxury sports car’ of Audio

“I was blown away by Zero. Not only is it the most wonderful sounding system that I have heard but it looks stunning as well. A superb piece of thinking, design and engineering. Yet again Davies and his team never cease to amaze me”, legendary music producer and founding member of Art of Noise, Gary Langan at the launch of Flare Zero.

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If ultimate luxury is your thing and you’ve got a serious budget for your audio – then Flare Audio’s Zero might be for you – their most advanced, high-end home or studio loudspeaker system. 

Made with absolutely zero compromise, Flare Zero is aimed at discerning lovers of luxury, audiophiles, musicians and studios, allowing both upmarket consumers and professionals to revel in exactly the sounds that the recording artist intended you to hear. This beautiful and uniquely high-spec system features the company’s patent-pending 3D printed spiralled Vortex exhausts and Space technologies, utilised to the max for minimal distortion, high-power, high-definition sound.


Fabricated in aerospace-grade aluminium by the company that produces parts for Rolls Royce,  Flare Zero, stands at 1.8m high, mounted on delicate, machined supports and is a supremely elegant artefact which appears to float in mid air: a stunning focal point in any luxury home or studio setting. It throws out 3.5kw of sound, the equivalent of a club audio installation, in a studio or private space.

“Zero breaks all audio boundaries,” says Davies Roberts, CEO of Flare and inventor of the system.

“People who’ve heard it say that the sound appears in your mind and you forget that it’s coming from the speakers. Standing at roughly head height, Flare Zero has not only been designed so that you can hear music how it should be heard, but it also transports your favourite artists into the room with you.  Your own personalised concert in your living room? Priceless.”


Each system purchased is personally delivered and installed by the team, giving you live concert audio quality in the home, venue or studio. The ‘strictly price on application’ tag will give you an idea of the bracket here – think of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and you will be in the right price range.

Flare guarantees it’s the best sound you’ll hear, ever.   Serious audio.

About Flare Zero

  • Zero is created with inch thick aluminium by the same company who supply parts for Rolls Royce.
  • The central components are a perfect symmetry of 3D printed double vortexes, influenced by the work by Fibonacci and Leonardo
  • Innovative and unique patent pending loudspeaker technology, using both Flare’s own Vortex™ and Space™ technologies (as tested by scientists at Salford University’s Acoustics Research Centre who measured the silencing effect of Flare Audio’s Vortex™ technology, proving its ability to capture unwanted sound)
  • Flare’s Vortex™ technology combined with Flare’s Space™ technology eliminates enclosure resonance and allows linear driver movement
  • Floor standing precision machined aerospace grade aluminium system
  • Flare ΦNE amplifier with integrated linear phase signal processing resulting in seamless audio delivery
  • Concert level SPL with the highest quality audiophile sound


About Flare Audio

Audio industry, artists, consumers and reviewers have already confirmed the company’s superior sound technology, demonstrated in the company’s professional audio speaker range – through to its miniaturised R2 earphones.  Flare Audio is a British loudspeaker technology company that believes artists and engineers, not loudspeakers, should create sound.  Flare Audio products are built on the principle of Waveform Integrity: the signal that goes into the loudspeaker is precisely replicated by the sound wave that comes out.  The loudspeaker should be sonically invisible, allowing the driver to deliver sound without interference.  This uncorrupted sound retains all of its definition; it couples more efficiently, disperses evenly, enables maximum throw and is more controllable.

The Flare Audio product line is centred on three patent-pending technologies:  Space ™ enclosure construction technology, Vortex ™ pressure abatement technology and Nanoflow ™ driver alignment technology.  By applying the same concepts to the whole of the product line, the same high-definition, natural sound is achieved for every loudspeaker in the Flare Audio range in small and light enclosures.

Products are available in A and C constructions.  The Flare Audio A range construction uses precision machined aerospace grade aluminium and birch ply to create the ultimate in sonic quality and aesthetics.  The Flare Audio C range is constructed of birch ply and steel places to allow for lighter enclosures with less pronounced aesthetics.

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