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Driving Diversity: The Inspiring Story of Motors Formula Team

By Rebecca Whitlocke

In the dynamic realm of motorsports, where each race presents a mix of challenges and triumphs, one team distinguishes itself for its path to becoming a highly diverse and influential entity within the industry.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ludovic Pezé, the CEO and Founder of Motors Formula Team and recently appointed Ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) for F1 in Schools France. We delved into what propels him in an environment marked by a pursuit of excellence and high performance.

One of the truly inspiring facets of the team’s journey is the remarkable personal story and resilience of Pezé, who serves as a role model for aspiring drivers and young racing enthusiasts.

Left to Right: Rainer Herbert Keller (President of MCO Communications / Frederique Trouvé-Roger (President of F1 in Schools France) / Ludovic Pezé (Founder of MFT; F1 in Schools France Ambassador D&I).


Can you explain in a few sentences what is your background and why you started Motors Formula Team?

I’m French-Mauritian and was born in Monaco which has impacted my journey so far. My father’s experience as a Karting pilot and mechanic (3rd at Monaco Endurance Karting race in the 80-90’s) and involvement in historic competition and Rally and F3 Classic restoration meant that I was always surrounded by the world of cars and motorsports. I initially pursued studies in management and accounting. Alongside academics, my passion for sports led me to serve as a coach for a youth football team.

In 2013, a life-changing event occurred during my final years of studies when I fell ill with meningitis B. The illness led me into a coma, followed by an intensive care stint and several weeks in hospital. Emerging from this challenging period, I sought a meaningful way to contribute during my rehabilitation.

Drawing upon my knowledge and skills, I began contemplating a career in motorsports. In school I was good in management, whether that be team management or project management so that is where my interest was. I hold a motorsport MBA in management and leadership; in 2014, I established Motors Formula Team (MFT) as a comprehensive motorsports agency and racing team. My vision for MFT was rooted in fostering diversity and promoting inclusivity within the industry, aiming to create a more welcoming environment for all.

Ludovic Pezé

Can you tell me more about MFT’s growth as a business?

 We’re based in Mauritius (for the African operation) and Monaco.

We tailor our services in collaboration with partners to meet the specific needs of our clients. These services encompass pilot management and career guidance, physical preparation programs, legal assistance, media training, sim racing/coaching, and event management. Given the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the motorsport industry, seeking professional advice and support is crucial for success.

Over the past decade, our impact has been notable in various international motorsport competitions. Achievements include setting a speed record in single-seaters in France, securing the title of drift and slalom champion in Mauritius, clinching victory in the Slalom Renault Formula 2.0 French Cup, attaining the 16th position out of 32 at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix in 2018, securing a spot among the top 10 in the LMP2 Category at the Le Mans 24 Hours, and establishing extensive collaborations with F2 (incl. 2023 champion Théo Pourchaire) and Formula E racing drivers.

For someone who has overcome adversity from being a survivor of meningitis to thriving in motorsport management you seem an unlikely celebrity!  How do you balance growing recognition in the industry with sticking to your values?

Building a united team is essential when tackling the challenges of the motorsports industry. I prefer working with drama-free individuals, fostering an environment where everyone feels appreciated, embracing their diverse cultural backgrounds and unique skill sets. This approach means welcoming both public recognition and constructive criticism as integral parts of the journey.

Looking ahead, I’m enthusiastic about my role as the Ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) for F1 in Schools France. I believe STEM education offers an excellent avenue for sparking young people’s interest in pursuing motor racing careers. By employing critical analysis and problem-solving skills, it opens their eyes to the possibilities within the industry.

What lies ahead for you in the next 12 months? 

Diversity lies at the heart of our strategy. Our focus includes ongoing support for motorsport initiatives in Africa, emphasising the positive impact on local economic development and employment opportunities. In Europe, our attention is directed towards backing drivers in the GT series and the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. Additionally, we aspire to extend our involvement to the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours in the future.

Ludovic Pezé

Looking ahead, our mid-term goals involve exploring opportunities in different regions, particularly the US. The motorsport culture there presents a distinct landscape from Europe, and we are actively seeking sponsorships, investments, and funding to allow the best drivers to express their talents.

I would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the years.

In summary

Motors Formula Team stands as a driving force of inspiration in an industry known for its challenges, intensity and passion. As MFT continues to redefine norms, their unwavering pursuit of excellence propels them forward on their remarkable journey.

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Photo credits:  Morgan Mathurin – Circuit Paul Ricard – F1 in Schools France – Motors Formula Team.

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