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LastMan Music Announces the Brand-New Single From CASPAR

‘Hesitation Wounds’ is Released on April 6th 2022

Taken from the forthcoming album due this summer

Listen to the single here:

Upcoming singer songwriter CASPAR (22) from Dorset, established himself as a popular artist when he leapt on the live music scene last year.

As a support act on tour with the Southern blues rock band Broken Witt RebelsCASPAR unveiled songs from his forthcoming debut album drawing plaudits for his emotive lyrics and singing style.

Having signed to LastMan Music, CASPAR is ready make his mark on the music world. His critically acclaimed debut single ‘The Void’ set the tone and the new single “Hesitation Wounds” goes further in whetting the appetite for the album that will follow.

CASPAR’S music has been described as a ‘blend of original, traditional and contemporary songs combined with rock and blues elements’ that fuse to create an ’emotional resonance and punk energy that the genre demands,’ while his lyrics reflect his belief in the importance of self-expression, authenticity, and the aimless mindset of modern life.

Influenced by a whole range of contemporary artists, significantly Nick Drake, Jackson Browne and Elliott Smith, CASPAR says of his writing style: “I trust that, because we are all going through the same human experience, nothing we perceive is truly special or unique to ourselves. On that level I hope that my songs will generate some kind of connection.”

CASPAR enjoys the vulnerability of being a solo artist on stage, finding it inspiring and in some cases testing when he steps up to play to new audiences. He has many exciting plans for 2022, aside from the release of his new album, he will be back on the road this spring and appearing at various festivals throughout the summer.


Twitter: @CasparOfficial_

Instagram: @casparofficial

Facebook: @CasparMusicOfficial

TikTok: Casparofficial

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