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ZLX Trading Academy Helps Businesses Build a Post Pandemic Britain

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Stephen McCallion, CEO of ZLX, leaders in government backed research and development tax claims, has set up a new initiative designed to build a post pandemic, post Brexit Britain. An expert in understanding the government’s underutilised research and development credit initiative, McCallion’s ZLX Trading Academy provides FREE support for innovation and business progression. The scheme has been set up because few businesses know how to successfully claim for their past efforts and expenditures.

McCallion’s team of business experts at ZLX, which include accountants and engineers, has been rapidly growing their client base as their claims success rates soar while ZLX itself has enjoyed 280% growth during the pandemic.

The average cash return for ZLX clients, which come from over forty different industries, is a staggering £77,000. Over 80% of these were totally unaware that they could claim.

In some instances, it has kept companies afloat during these challenging times. McCallion now wants to help more businesses, particularly start-ups and young companies to help build a post pandemic, post Brexit Britain. He says: “We earn our fees from expertly managing the R&D Tax Credit process for companies that are mostly mature, now I see an opportunity for that maturity to help those starting out with new ventures. ZLX will allocate a percentage of fee revenue to make available a team of experts to offer guidance, free of any charge, to new start companies.

“We will listen to the New Co management teams and formulate a forward plan that takes into account any potential future R&D reclaims and how to utilise this government initiative for maximum returns. “The ZLX Trading Academy is a new venture for us, and we are extremely excited about it because we know our support could make the difference between success or failure. A new company can be a lonely place and our team will be at hand to help; adding a little experience into the mix could make all the difference. I recognised this opportunity when my son asked me for help in the early stages of a biosynthetics company born from the highly acclaimed St Andrews University. My son was part of the team developing eco friendly tanning products, which when developed could help to stop companies using valuable resources from coral reefs. By providing mentoring along their early stages, the company could steer their way through the myriad of business decision making enabling protection of their Intellectual Property and their potential to maximise outside investment. The new initiative is called the ZLX Trading Academy. Companies that have either not traded before or have less than one year of trading can join and receive:

a) Free business mentoring
b) Free marketing
c) Free business plan
d) Access to our panel of financial advisors and investors
“For those new starts looking for finance, we have formulated the ZLX R&D Audit, this is a document that is signed off by us that shows the expected future R&D returns. Further, if investors are made aware of the fact that 20% plus of their investment could be returned through R&D claims, then this could help to reduce their risk and make investing more palatable.” ZLX is in a unique position to gauge the amount of innovation and creative thinking that is currently out there, and from seeing this first-hand they are extremely positive that UK Ltd. is in the safe hands of industrious, sometimes brave, and almost always forward-thinking SME’s.
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