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We meet Kay Lang visionary founder and creative force behind Vixen & Fox

As the driving force behind the brand’s unique aesthetic and empowering philosophy, Kay Lang is a trailblazer with a profound passion for aiding individuals in breaking free from whatever constraints may be hindering their liberation.

Founder of dynamic luxury lingerie brand Vixen & Fox from Australia, Kay’s journey is one marked by resilience and determination. In her role as both Founder and Creative Director, she has seamlessly woven her personal experiences into the fabric of Vixen & Fox. Motivated by a deep desire to assist others in overcoming obstacles and embracing their true selves, Kay has transformed her brand into a beacon of empowerment.

“Vixen & Fox stands as my resilient response to a challenging life experience that temporarily stole my freedom. It was through this adversity that I found the courage to reclaim my narrative and build a purpose-led brand dedicated to empowering women. My vision is rooted in the belief that lingerie is not just a garment; it’s a tool for transformation, an homage to self-expression, and a symbol of liberation.”

For Kay, Vixen & Fox is not merely about creating exquisite lingerie; it’s a platform for fostering self-liberation. Her creative vision is a testament to the belief that fashion can be a transformative force, empowering individuals to shed the constraints that hold them back.

Kay Lang

Passion for the product
“Walking that delicate balance between aesthetic, fit, and wearability is what you’ll find sets our pieces apart. Because luxurious lingerie should feel effortless to wear, like an extension of yourself. Every fibre, fixture, and trim is carefully considered – How will the fabric feel? How will it move with you?Is it just as functional for all-day wear as it is in the bedroom? Experts in their craft, our team spend a year meticulously finessing every final detail of a Vixen & Fox collection before she is released into the world. We create new collections only twice per year, because luxurious things take time.”

Honouring our earth
We believe in working in harmony with mother earth, not against her. It all starts with considered design – creating pieces that require minimal dying, low water use, as well as minimising textile waste by optimising our fabric efficiencies.

We use innovative, reimagined bra sizing to offer an extended range of adjustment options so that you can continue to enjoy your Vixen & Fox bra as your body transitions through different seasons of life.

We use recycled packaging and deliver each Vixen & Fox piece in a complimentary satin bag, designed to protect your purchase for years to come.

We are proud to offer Carbon Neutral Delivery on all orders in partnership with Australia Post.

Look for Vixen & Fox in the next print edition of Relentless Magazine, publishing this May!


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