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Top 6 colourful chairs and sofas for Spring

Paola Lenti . The company unveils its new space in proximity to the capital‘s greenest and most innovative urban area Paola Lenti Tokyo flagship store relocates from the Hiroo residential district to the more central and dynamic 3-5-5 Azabudai – Minato-ku, just opposite Azabudai Hills, the city’s cutting-edge urban area recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Japan.
“The presence of a Paola Lenti flagship store near one of the most advanced districts in Japan in terms of environmental and social sustainability is a testament to the unwavering commitment to the project our company has embraced since its inception,” asserts Anna Lenti, CEO of the company managed together with her sister Paola. “The Japanese market, crucial for our brand’s growth, resonates with us in its appreciation for aesthetics and dedication to manufacturing tradition. Additionally, our collections often draw inspiration from the principles of Nippon culture, from which we derive suggestions that we reinterpret and adapt to our furnishings, both indoor and outdoor.”
The store, opened in collaboration with Atlantic Cars Ltd, the longstanding partner and exclusive distributor in Japan, unfolds on a single level, showcasing the main indoor and outdoor collections of the Italian brand. The neutral tones of white and beige chosen for the walls and flooring enhance the bold colours for which Paola Lenti is globally renowned. The turquoise-green surfaces of the lava and glass Sciara tables, the solar yellow of the Welcome sofa, and the vibrant pink of the Adagio suspended seat create a pleasing contrast with the intentionally essential architecture of the space. Aligned with the brand image and seamlessly integrated into Japanese style, the flagship store offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s furnishings and collaborates closely with architects and interior designers, providing custom services.
The store windows directly overlook Azabudai Hills, the new urban village designed by Heatherwick Studio, representing the pinnacle of a 30-year regeneration plan aimed at creating one of the largest green areas in the city. The district, with its alternating residential and commercial buildings, hosts the largest international school in Tokyo, along with temples, art galleries, offices, and restaurants. The area of 8 ha revolves around the large central garden that, like a public square, acts as a connection between people, fostering socialization and physical and mental wellbeing.
The primary objective of the architects was to create an “extraordinary threedimensional landscape,” emphasizing the centrality of man and his equilibrium, developed as a succession of private and public places, pathways, and green areas.
This vision aligns with Paola Lenti’s design approach, which has consistently focused on enhancing well-being, not only as physical comfort but as a broader dimension involving all the senses. In fact, its collections create atmospheres that promote relaxation and connection with the most authentic essence of life.
Inaugurated on Friday, February 9th, with an event dedicated to the world of design and architecture, the showroom is officially open to the public from Saturday, February 10th, 2024, every day from 11 am to 6 pm, excluding Wednesdays.

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