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Tesseron Cognac – the ultimate expression of rarity 

Charlotte and Anna, two dynamic members of the Luxury News Online team, recently had the privilege of attending an exclusive tasting experience with Tesseron Cognac. Held in a luxurious and intimate setting, this event offered a rare glimpse into the world of one of the most prestigious cognac houses. From savouring the rich, nuanced flavours of Tesseron’s finest blends to engaging with the brand’s storied history, Charlotte and Anna were immersed in an evening of elegance and sensory delight.

Join us as we explore tradition and craftsmanship.

Going back to your roots and remembering where you come from is essential to preparing the future. This very exclusive release was conceived as a tribute to the pioneering spirit of the founders of Tesseron Cognac, Abel and Guy Tesseron. An exquisite blend of Grande Champagne eaux de vie that were meticulously selected before being tucked away in the twelfthcentury crypt where Maison Tesseron conserves its sumptuous eaux de vie, Experience 01 is the fruit of the family’s private collection.



Never to be recreated, this batch promises an exceptional experience, like a foretaste of infinity… Presented in a noble wooden case, the engraved decanter is understated and elegant, incarnating the beauty of the craftsman’s patient hand. A taste of divine alchemy, produced in a limited edition of only one thousand bottles. A poetic expression of Maison Tesseron, its history, its savoir-faire, and its flavors, Experience 01 is an exceptional offering, a single batch blend of the family’s most precious Grande Champagne reserve eaux de vie that have been sublimated with the passing of time. For more than three generations, nestled in the knowing obscurity of the family’s twelfth-century crypt, these eaux de vie have aged tranquilly, their warm carnations subtly blending with those of two Limousin oak barrels. A taste that is tantamount to a journey through time, full of reminiscences of Abel and Guy Tesseron, their hearts and minds at work, and the many other guardians who have labored over the years with future ecstasies in mind.



Experience 01 is an exquisite incarnation of patience, the very embodiment of rarity. A transcendental alchemic process of double distillation on lees in the historic Châteauneuf distillery, with its gleaming copper pot stills, yields an aromatic complexity and an irresistible elegance. The eye delights in the nectar’s deep amber hue, magnified by its understated transparent flacon. There is something of the dazzling sun in the sumptuous topaz robe that evokes the golden hues of a never-ending summer, like a secret pairing of the effable and the ineffable.



Experience 01 is a Cognac that begs to be savored, that requires a meditative moment to reveal its mysterious grace… Its rich aromatic nose of fruit is finely balanced by its refined character, with notes of candied fruit and mocha sublimated by the decisive rancio notes that are characteristic of long decades of aging in oak barrels. On the palate, its texture is suave, silky, and smooth, its flavors warm and sensual. It is a most alluring nectar, with a long finish peppered with touches of spice. Experience 01 offers a tasting experience that speaks to the singular place of the Tesseron family in the history of Cognac, like a glimpse into a secret society, a piece of the Holy Grail, a fragment of the Sistine Chapel, or a sliver of Cézanne’s palette. Absolutely irresistible…

Tesseron Cognac

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