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There has never been a better time to reassess your life, your business or both but do you know where to start?

James W Phillips has developed Success Accelerator to take you from step 1, identifying your goals, how to plan and achieve your dream life, how to make it sustainable, how to deal with worry, self doubt, negativity, dressing for your new lifestyle, fitness and also what success looks like.

Since the pandemic, and more time spent at home, the lives we used to lead have changed, and maybe forever. People who once sat on a train commuting have seen that they can work from home, and have a much better quality of life, but how can you make this new life something that will last post-Covid? Where do you start? How will you identify what to do and make money from it?

James found himself in this exact position 7 years ago, and is now in a position to share his experience as guidance in an affordable online course professionally filmed in London.

This is based on James’ real life experience as an international entrepreneur, philanthropist and lifestyle model.

You will also have the chance to join James as a Platinum course member, with 121 coaching, the opportunity to join him in Monte Carlo for super yacht parties and glamorous events and feature in a new magazine!

Follow James’ life on Instagram @james_w_phillips


Course Curriculum

6 modules around 20 minutes long each, over a 6 week period. Professionally filmed in London. Subjects for each module are:

Module 1: Identifying your goals and where you want to be

Module 2: Drive and ambition

Module 3: What do you do when you land, OK you made it this far now what?

Module 4: Dealing with fear, self doubt, worry and big problems.

Module 5: Fitness and self image for success

Module 6: Living the dream, what success looks like.

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