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Next Stage in Covid Battle Aided by New British Hygiene Company


A new era in the coronavirus battle is to be aided and abetted by a range of revolutionary antiviral products from British start-up company Sanify.

The Birmingham-based company has formulated a series of new virus-fighting products that are more effective than bleach at eradicating viruses but boast the unique benefit of being 100% safe for humans.

The sanitisation range uses a unique formulation of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), an aqueous chlorine solution that humans naturally carry within their white blood cells.

The compound forms a major part of the immune system and is activated when the body is threatened by infection.

HOCI is safe even if accidentally ingested, it is completely harmless.

However, it is more efficient at killing microbial pathogens – including SARS-CoV2 and MRSA – than chlorine bleach.

“Given that we are entering a new stage in the war on coronavirus whereby we have to learn to live with and minimise contact with the virus,” said David Connor, Sanify director.

“These new products arrive at the perfect time, regular use of traditional hand sanitisers and cleaning products used by the NHS and schools damage skin, aggravate eczema, and are toxic if ingested via the mouth – something that easily happens.

“Our most vulnerable in society, the young and the old, are most affected by the problems with standard products so it is a joy to bring 100% safe and astonishingly effective products into national usage.”

Discovered in 1834 by the French chemist Antoine Jerome Balard, HOCI is created when salt water is electrolysed. The compound was used in the trenches during WWI, long before antibiotics were readily available.

Despite proving effective against almost all known dangerous bacteria and viruses, the hurdle for mainstream HOCI usage has been the stability of the compound. Sanify’s new technology enables unheralded stability, a longer shelf life, and greater affordability.

“Stabilised HOCI is a revolutionary breakthrough in healthcare with many hundreds of times the effectiveness of standard antiseptics,” said Sanify’s Jeffrey Bennett.

“Other antiseptics struggle to achieve the full efficacy required for a standard EN13727 suspension test, whereas a good and well-produced HOCI formulation can achieve 99.9999% efficacy. This is a 100-fold improvement compared to rival products, all whilst Sanify items remain non-toxic, non-irritant, and PH neutral for the skin.”

Aside from pandemic-related sanitisation products, Sanify is also developing HOCI products for eczema, psoriasis and acne, nasal sprays and mouth washes – and even pet care treatments for wounds and abrasions.

David Connor said: “Hypochlorous acid has anti-sebum, antimicrobial, and deodorising and oxidising properties. It helps fight and kill bacteria, and it can reduce clogged pores and break down sebum.

“We are delighted to be working with the world-renowned and award-winning Harley Street Skin Clinic, who have given their high profile patients a first try at some of our newly-developed items. A prominent singer has since reported that using HOCI as part of her daily cleansing routine has not just reduced her acne but that it has actually been cured.”

Sanify’s main objective is to help the nation get back to safely enjoying normal active lifestyles.

“The dominance of the Omicron Covid variant now means that public spaces such as offices, classrooms, clinics, restaurants and bars have reopened,” said David Connor.

“Due to its ease of application as a fogging agent, HOCI is ideal for use in these locations. “Existing entrances can be adapted to become highly-effective sanitising cubicles.

“These are also perfect for use by airlines – the existing cubicles used when travelling can also be easily adapted to sanitise all those passing through it.

“In fact, all entrances to buildings could and should be adapted to enable all those passing through to be sanitised literally from head to foot.”

“HOCI is set to play a crucial role in keeping us safe in a natural and non-toxic way.

“Sanify is now excited to share its technology and make products and solutions available nationwide.”

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