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Couture unfoldsEmotion : “Float. Into the blue. Skim. The Mist. Row.” Peet Dullaert. 
With Cris Egger

What is beauty, the question that is the bane of our industry’s existence, cannot be addressed with only the presentation of the end product on the runway. I want to deconstruct the set norms of couture and show you the process done differently. From the cuts that mold on the body, to embrace it, not claim; our inspiration at the Atelier is rooted in celebration of the myriad of human silhouettes. Each of them, entirely shaped and sewn by hand. “Cousu main” : a needle, a thread, creation without the use of a machine.  

Admiration for the human body, paying homage to the significant shape that breathes movement and transcendent flow. Symbolic to the process of fluid shape creation, that has been a guiding architect.

Reflection on life in a digital age. Silhouettes emerging from a storm, to honour resilience and movement of the body. You are meant to live in our clothes, to be. The creations, crafted by artisanal fabric manipulation, resulting in unique surfaces that honour nature, reinterpret suiting adapted to modern posture and flou-tailoring. The exploration of organic shapes and the human anatomy through re-invented techno-pleat designs is what the collection speaks to.

Such creation is greatly personal at the base of it all, and inspired by the lives of the diverse group of individuals around me, the generations that inspire and teach me. And so, our inspiration at the Atelier is rooted in this celebration of people, and the myriad of their human silhouettes. – Peet Dullaert

PEET DULLAERT is devoted to support initiatives that plant towards a greener future, under our Care for Earth pledge. This approach is part of the company’s mission to further our responsible in-house production cycle, with sustainable made-to-order collections at its foundation. “While we celebrate unique vision and identity of people, connect generations, and reflect on the world with responsibly made collections, we share tribute stories inspired by our resonating Earth and the mystical environments surrounding us. In essence, we communicate a responsible alternative for luxury fashion and highlight our inseparable connection with Earth and our responsibility to care ; As people, as a community.

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