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In the next issue of Luxury Life International, we talk to Cesare Catania


“Paintings and Sculptures…… Cesare Catania: the modern Leonardo Da Vinci”

After the construction of the most important projects, such as the Armani Stadium, Milan Metro Stations and the Siemens Headquarters, and his success in everyday life as a financial manager and as a business man, the “eccentric” civil engineer Cesare Catania extracts his passion for his art from the drawer, he astonishes everyone and he affirms himself on the international scene as a genial artist. And he is not an artist by chance…. Catania knows how to really paint. His fans and international critics state this. He has already exhibited at Westminster in London and in the Louvre, he has participated in the Monte Carlo Biennial, plus several other exhibitions all around the world. And all this without an agent, a sponsor or a curator; all just thanks to his talent.

‘…Class 1979, a degree in Engineering, an MBA Master and Artistic Talent to spare.’

This is Cesare Catania, an artist with astonishing technical and pictorial qualities. He has just edited his first book entitled “Genesis”, more than 500 pages of techniques, works of art and biography. Since december 2016 the book is buyable in Amazon and in all over the world bookshops online, starting from July 2017 the book will be bought directly by the author with his dedication and his signature in printed limited hand-bound edition.


Work of Art number 45. Title: “ALEFTINA AND HER DOLLS” (B Version) (Year: 2016) – Dimensions: 60cm x 55cm – Technique: Crayon and Acrylic on Paper.

In less than 2 years in his social networks he has the same engagement of the most famous Contemporary Art Museums. And the numbers are in absolute growth.

“Everything comes from images of reality that surround me,” says the Italian artist in a recent interview, “what I try to do is to give life to emotions; the secret is to amplify them rather than letting them slip away as often happens to most people. Then I take the canvas, a palette of colors, a video camera and start to pick myself up while I paint. When finished I post everything on the web. Why? Well…. Just because I think it’s fun for who observes to understand how a work of art is artistically made. Not only to see the finished work but to realize of all the steps in between”.


Cesare in his studio

During his early childhood, Cesare Catania clearly shows, as well as the visual arts, his passion for mathematics and music, two disciplines each other so different yet for Cesare Catania so similar. During his academic studies, this “modern Leonardo da Vinci” perfects the perspective and projection. In his free time he examines in depth his pictorial and sculptural techniques, using composite materials such as resins and silicones, or in more traditional paintings materials such as oil and acrylic. And in addition sand, gypsum, clay and so on.


Works of Art number 6. Title: “THE MAN WHO DOES NOT SEE” (Year: 2013) – Dimensions: 120 x 150 – Technique: Sculpture in Chalk, natural pigments and Acrylic on Canvas.

His paintings and his sculptures combine feelings and actions, extreme synthesis between obscurity and attention to detail. In his works of art we find tributes and dedications to Pythagoras, Chagal, Avogradro, Heisemberg, Pier Luigi Nervi, Michelangelo, Newton, and in general to philosophy, history, science, maths, physic. All is conveyed and communicated through the most powerful channel of the moment: the Art.


Work of Art number 46. Title: “SELF-PORTRAIT: tribute to Michelangelo and Newton” (B Version) (Year: 2016) – Dimensions: 150cm x 150cm – Technique: Oil, Acrylic and Resin on Canvas

Right now the Italian Artist lives between Europe and United States.


His most famous works of art are the sculpures “The Man Who Does Not See” (2013), “144: Trio Jazz” (2014), the tapestry “Trois Hommes” (2016), the paintings “Summer Readings” (2016), “Aleftina and Her Dolls” (2015), “Self Portrait” (2016), “Woman with a Book” (2016), the “Harlequins” (2016).


Cesare Catania was born in 1979 and spent his life based in Milan. From an early age he expressed particular interest in figurative arts.

He matured over the years a strong aptitude for both technical sciences and artistic sciences (painting, drawing, photography, music). Engineering studies and a passion for art gave life to works that harmonize sculpture and painting. Tradition (use of materials such as chalk, wood, stone, oil painting) and innovation (use of silicone-based materials and acrylic) merge in his paintings. All this to create three-dimensional works that “literally come out of the canvas.”

His paintings are a “freeze frame” of actions and feelings, extreme synthesis between obscurity and attention to detail. Fascinated by ‘modern Art and by cubism, the artistic maturity of Cesare Catania is still evolving; always looking for new techniques to make the most of his inspirations.

Next Projects

His artistic projects for the future? Above all, dedicating a work of art to the Principality of Monaco and painting a giant tapestry for the Trump Tower. For more details look for Cesare Catania on Youtube, and visit

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