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New York Jewelry Boutique Danielle B Partners with Luxury News Online

Danielle B fine Jewelry and Watch Boutique based in New York City, has partnered with Luxury News Online to bring you news and offers from this luxury jeweler.

By James W Phillips for Luxury News Online.

Established in 1979, and at the heart of New York City, Danielle B. Jewelry glitters; showcasing the artistic visions of Dan and Ilana Bruck. In the coming weeks we will be bringing you beautiful images showcasing the very best in luxury jewelry available at Danielle B, news stories and special offers.

The Danielle B. Jewelry collection features some of today’s most beautiful high-end designer jewelry and watches, crafted by some of Europe’s most famous artisans, and displays the most exclusive collections of Italian designs, comprised of some of the world’s finest diamonds and 18k gold.


Hey #Rihanna! – rocking the 18kt Black Gold ring w/rose cut #diamonds from @jovanemilano

Sold at Danielle B.

Danielle B. take’s pride in providing professional and personal customer care. Every member of their team will strive to help you select the right piece for your occasion or collection. With over four decades of excellence in service and selection, Danielle B. invites you to browse their collection; a destination for beauty, ingenuity, and luxury.


Crafted with love and care. This magnificent ring made with 18kt gold and fine diamonds also comes with a matching bracelet and necklace.

The Danielle B. Jewelry collection is comprised of magnificent jewelry, with origins in both Europe and America, extending to various networks of the highest caliber jewelers and artisans. Each piece selected into their collection is branded by the artistic and imaginative nature of its creator; embracing a unique blend of luxury and style. They are proud of the relationships shared with these skilled and talented artisans and are grateful for the recognition their collection has earned.

Danielle B’s stylish and eclectic collection of jewelry encompasses today’s style and fashion while preserving the look and feel of classic designs. Jewelry and watches from designers such as Crivelli, Jovane, Casato, Roberto Demeglio, Padani, Staurino Fratelli, Lana, Alor, Garavalli, Rebecca, Teno and many more sparkle and shine within the showcases of Danielle B. Jewelry. The knowledgeable and friendly jewelers will show you the significance of design elements, a piece’s particular magnificence, and introduce you to the background of each piece in our collection. You will be amazed by the distinction and quality of the brands they carry. Discover the beauty and allure of Danielle B.


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James W Phillips


James W Phillips

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