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Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality like no other…. I visit the €65 million euro Ermanno Palace apartment with ExclusiveGP


With the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix this week, I can show you some Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality like no other from ExclusiveGP….

This split level penthouse terrace suite sits within a €65 million euro Ermanno Palace apartment and is one of the biggest private spaces in Monaco. The finest at the Monaco Grand Prix comprising of a covered balcony and an alfresco top terrace, this is a wonderous space from which to enjoy the race. In previous years it has been snapped up by top F1 teams to entertain their VIP sponsors and guests due to the spectacular panoramic views over three quarters of the circuit and across the Monaco Bay out over the sun kissed Mediterranean. View video


James Phillips from Luxury News Online

You will be able to look down on the Start/Finish Line, Tunnel Exit, Chicane, Sainte Devot, Tabac and Piscine Corners, The Pits and Pit Exit, and the Main Straight.

ExclusiveGP invited Luxury News Online to view this spectacular venue at the Historic GP. This really is the best view in town, the best vantage point to hear the tremendous sounds from the crackling and roaring engines from the historic Ferrari’s, Astons and Maseratis.


The historic GP cars set off in an amazing roar that echoed around the whole of Monaco


Based on a split level design there’s amazing scope to enjoy the Monaco Grand prix with all your friends and family!


Before the crowds arrived!


As the multi-million pound cars drove around for the parade lap, I thought what a magical moment this was, bought to life by my friends at ExcluisveGP. I had a fortunate preview before the guests arrived to bring you an exclusive look at the size and amazing vista this wonderful property offers which is exclusively available only through ExclusiveGP.


A big thank you to Oli Ashley from ExclusiveGP


Ideally situated at the end of the start finish straight, with stunning views over the Monaco SuperYachts, ExclusiveGP offer a superb champagne filled, celebrity experience in the heart of the action which is the envy of all those around, look up from some of the most famous locations in Monaco and you will be seen looking over the balcony, sipping Champagne, eating fine food and having your photos taken to the envy of your friends!


If you would like to get in touch with ExclusiveGP, which I know you will! Click here…

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