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The modern Leonardo Da Vinci CESARE CATANIA

Cesare Catania

In the second of our features we can reveal an exclusive from this talented Italian Artist.

In the previous issue of Luxury Life International we heard about the eclectic Italian artist and talented engineer Cesare Catania, who stands out for his ability to produce works of superfine art and high engineering projects just as Leonardo da Vinci did more than 500 years ago.

We couldn’t resist the temptation and we went to Italy to visit his art gallery in Milan. The Italian artist is exhibiting his work ‘Reart’ in a contemporary art museum in Milan and despite his busy schedule we were lucky enough to meet him.

Cesare Catania

Mouth of Etna – Red and Black

As soon as we entered his gallery it was like immersing ourselves in a surreal world where art, history, engineering and sculpture blend together to create a multifunctional laboratory; a mix of drafting machines, plotters, brushes, spatulas, measuring lasers, oil paints and all in the same space.

The first worldwide exhibition of this work will be held at the Hermitage
Hotel during the Top Marques Watches 2017 event in September.

Intrigued by this mix of abstract fantasy and technical equipment, we ask Cesare Catania to show us the projects he is working on. First he shows us his work that he has just finished completing. A masterpiece of surrealism and hyper-realism oil on canvas titled ‘Harlequin in the land of the Giants’, inspired by Cubism. A Harlequin runs on a white and red chessboard, surrounded by a Bishop, from a book that flies and presided upon by a hyper-realistic foot. The detail and the meaning of this painting mystifies us immediately.

Cesare Catania

Mouth of Etna – Dalton Version

He then continues showing us four silicon and steel sculptures of contemporary art. The inspiration comes from the volcano Etna’s mouth in Sicily, from which originated the titles of the same work. One is red flame, and the others are black, black and green and white and yellow.

We are puzzled by the latest version and we ask what has yellow and white got in common with the colours of a volcano? ‘Art must be for everyone. This is a version for those who suffer from Dalton’s syndrome’ the Italian artist replies.

So here is the exclusive, Cesare Catania, for the first time ever (or so we believe…) has produced a contemporary work of art for those who sufferer from Dalton’s syndrome. Amazing! And the ‘Modern Leonardo da Vinci’ will show this amazing sculpture during the international exhibition ‘Top Marques Watches’ (September 2017) in the Hotel Hermitage, Monaco.

Cesare Catania

’Poseidon’s Foot’ A patented project about an ecletic museum/
sculpture/hotel designed by the engineer Cesare Catania

Cesare Catania

’Surrealistic’ painting
oil on canvas ’Harlequin
in the Land of Gants’ (100cm x 100cm)

Cesare Catania will also donate one of his paintings to the ‘ Disease Power’ benefit association and the painting will be awarded during the charity gala evening presided by Prince Albert II. After spending more than one hour in his gallery we happen to see twopencil sketches on his desk.

We ask what these are and we understand that he is working on twoPharaonic projects, a crystal high tower with a view almost 50 meters set in a historical town and a museum-sculpture of more than 40 meters inspired by Poseidon’s foot, a structure made in steel and concrete, ready to climb a mountain overlooking the sea.

This last project has been recently patented by Cesare Catania who explains to us that it could be built as a museum or a hotel, according to the choice of the clients and of potential investors. Who knows who will be the lucky cities to host these two splendid sculptures …?

Cesare Catania


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