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We Meet Model Toni Hammond and Discover She is Full of Surprises!

Toni Hammond is full of surprises, with her own swimwear brand, and highly educated, she travels the world and enjoys an international and glamorous life as a successful model, and will be featuring in the next issue of Luxury Life International magazine.

All images via Toni Hammond

Toni takes up her story…

I was born in Germany’s Capital Berlin and raised by my mother. My modelling career began in 2011 because of my aunt. She signed me up for the ‘Heidi Klum, Germany’s Next Top Model’ show in 2011. This crazy model competition gave me the opportunity to build up my first portfolio with great pictures. I made the first 20 in this competition before they found out I was only 15 years old!

toni hammond model monaco

Photo: Jean-Jose Caddy, France.

From there on I was trying to find a good agency who was not trying to change me, to loose weight to make me look like Twiggy, which is very hard in this business.

During this period in my life my mother was keeping a strict eye over me and ensured I never skipped any of my school time and that I stayed healthy by always eating enough when I was modelling as a side job wile my school continued.

‘…I have been studying engineering at the TU Berlin University to become an Engineer….’

My actual preferred career was not the modelling business and it actually still isn’t. My career dream was rather to be a jockey or a pilot.


In 2015 I finished high school and I started studying equine sciences for a year because horses are my big passion and horse-back riding and jumping, and since 2016 I have been studying engineering at the TU Berlin University to become an Engineer.

Since 2011 I have been booked frequently in Berlin for the Berlin Fashion Week and frequent fashion shoots; beauty, editorial, commercial, all for young aspiring designers but always beside my studies or in the semester holidays at my university.


Followed by bookings  in other countries from 2014 such as Milano, Cannes, Germany, London, New York and Paris at the Fashion Weeks or at other special fashion events in these fantastic cities which takes me up to where I am today in 2017.

I love the ‘Big Apple’ and also the annual film festival in Cannes when the summer really begins. I am a model and a student at the same time which is really a lot of hard work.


However I really enjoy being a model and I have had so much fun and amazing experiences travelling around in the world. Being invited to the most glamorous parties in the hot spots around the world and meeting very interesting people from all over the globe makes being a model so very special.

‘…I love the ‘Big Apple’ and also the annual film festival in Cannes when the summer really begins….’

But with all that glamour and fun my focus always was on my education and on my career. My mother still hopes that I will get married, being a model is not going to last a life time, unless of course you have a name like Heidi Klum!


Photo: Zeno Gill, New York.

So for now  I am happy to continue with my very blessed modelling life and one day build a family of my own.

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