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Lady Gaga’s Surprisingly Classical Bag Collection

Like any other famous lady, Lady Gaga also keeps up with the latest trends and opts for the most luxurious, expensive and high-quality accessories.

Written by guest writer: Rebecca Lindan

Images supplied by: Rebecca Lindan

Today we’ll discover Lady Gaga’s classical bag collection including the popular Hermes Birkin handbag. Find out as much as interest you about Lady Gaga’s trendy accessories to learn a lot about fashion tips and biggest styling hacks. A handbag plays a great role in the complete appearance of a woman’s style and if it’s chosen wisely then the result will be stunning.

Lady Gaga’s Hermes Birkin Handbags

Many celebrities rock the Hermes Birkin handbag. Among them we can see Kim Kardashian, JeLo, Kris Jenner, Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga and many others. The best thing about this designer bag is that it comes up with a variety of bright, dark, pastel and classic shades and is made of a variety of high-quality leather. It has some specifications that make it a great choice for any occasion. Lady Gaga has not a single but two Hermes Birkin handbags; one in white and the other one in black shade. These two handbags are obviously original and differing. They stand out from the rest of Hermes Birkin bags with their unique elements and sophisticated touches. Her choice is definitely awesome and surprising.


Lady Gaga’s Salvatore Ferragamo Houndstooth Clutch

Heck out the next classy and elegant handbag carried by Lady Gaga. She rocks Salvatore Ferragamo Houndstooth Clutch. It has seen in wardrobes of many other celebs too. It seems as if the majority of stunning Hollywood stars have the same taste when it comes to elegant handbags. The black and white combo of head-to-toe in a single designer is Lady Gaga’s most favorite style. She feels very confident and eye-catching in those outfits, eyeglasses, classy hat and shoes. She has even chosen matching tights. Just have another look at her hair color and pearls. They are of the same white shade too. Well, whatever she does she does it perfectly.

salvatore-ferragamo_ lady_gaga_celebrity

Lady Gaga’s Vercsace Handbag

From the sophisticated Versace designer handbags collections where Lady Gaga was as the main representative of the campaign, she has chosen the pastel lavender handbag. Actually, this collection is all about pastel shades and subtle leathers combined with gold-shaded elements. She has gone for an exquisite color to complete her wardrobe with a trendy pastel tone. It goes without saying that this snakeskin bag ideally goes with her sparkling dress in the same concept.


Lady Gaga’s Chanel Handbags

Taking into account the fact that Lady Gaga has an incredible passion towards Chanel’s designer handbags and clutches here we represent you her many Chanel bags. They are; Chanel Cerf Tote, Chanel Mademoiselle Bag, Chanel Mini Flap Bag, Chanel Classic Flap Bag and Chanel Camellia Evening Bag. Have a look at her most prominent moments with those stylish bags. She has chosen a variety of options in different styles and designs. They are all inspiring and very attractive.

Lady-GagaLADY GAGA for Harper's Bazaar Magazine


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