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Jean Paul Gaultier by Haider Ackermann delivered some of the most incredible beauty looks in haute couture!

The beauty looks featured sculpture-like hairstyles, make-up looks befitting real works of art, and lastly, manicures with an optical effect. The show delivered some of the most creative makeup and glam creations and is sure to leave a lasting impression on the fashion world and beyond.

Take a closer look at the hair, makeup, and glam seen at the Jean Paul Gaultier by Haider Ackermann haute couture show in Paris.

To match the grandeur of the looks, hairstylist Eugene Souleiman designed colorful, sculptural hair designs. The styles were reminiscent of a modern-day geisha, with extensions strategically placed along the hairline, sleek and shiny bobs, structured buns, and brightly colored ends. The hairstylist’s secret? Wigs. The hairpieces allowed him to push the limits of creativity and effectively mold the hair directly to the model’s heads to achieve tailor-made looks.

The same enthusiasm and artistic endeavors were expressed with regard to make-up, with an emphasis placed on the eyes, transforming them into masterpieces of their own. There were more than 10 different looks featuring graphic strokes, bright colours, and ultra-symmetrical lines. Their common denominator was a pair of dramatic false eyelashes that were curled to the extreme. Some models wore ultra-bold liners that extended out towards their temples, while others rocked pink, green, or blue colour-blocked eyelids and lower lashes. Lastly, we saw bleached eyebrows accented by fluorescent color lines. Each look was more creative than the last, which further confirmed that the artsy and bold-eye trends are here to stay for the summer.

Cris Egger and Haider Ackermann
Cris Egger and Jean Paul Gaultier
Ms Elisa Caterina Egger and Count Carlo Dona Dalle Rose

Last but not least, the nails at the Jean Paul Gaultier by Haider Ackermann fashion show aimed to create a visual continuum of the hand. This was made possible using custom-made nail polishes from Kure Bazaar, which were painted to match each model’s skin tone as precisely as possible.

By Cristina Egger. Images supplied by C. Egger via Jean Paul Gaultier.

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