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House of Elrick – A Gin Like No Other

In an ever growing market, House of Elrick hand crafted artisan gin is one of the finest available, with a smooth taste like no other.

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Nestled in the lowlands of Aberdeenshire, the House of Elrick estate is a home rich in history. Built at the height of the Scottish Enlightenment period in 1720, their home hosted lively discussions from some of the most respected creative, philosophical and scientific minds of the time. Today they work to restore her walls and welcome you to join them once again.


When crafting small batch artisan gin, the absolute best in premium spirits, quality over quantity is key.

‘….made with the freshest water from Loch Ness…’

The liquid is distilled by hand in batches of 600 bottles per run, which means they can maintain control over every bottle that leaves their distillery. Botanicals are handpicked before each distillation through their bespoke pot still.


James from Luxury News Online works with House of Elrick to promote this amazing brand.

Botanicals hand-picked by their Master of Gin are a compliment of juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and citrus peel, built around a core of heather, pink peppercorns, sweet fennel and rose petals.

As refreshing as it is aromatic, it is the only spirit made with the freshest water from Loch Ness. The resulting taste profile provides a fresh, yet earthy, bold infusion of flavours that can be enjoyed on ice or as part of a beautifully crafted cocktail.


Constructed at the height of the Scottish Enlightenment period in 1720, the House of Elrick was the home of an entrepreneurial family of cattle farmers and millers, and has passed hands only 5 times in almost 300 years. Well-travelled and curious, members of the household often visited Florence Italy, a country already swept by European Enlightenment thinking, returning with tales of new science and philosophical learnings that echoed the writings of many of the leading Scottish Enlightened thinkers of the time.

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