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My Glittering Night in Cannes for ‘La Nuit de l’Orient’ with GEO Global Events Monaco


With the French Riviera Sun shining brightly and not a cloud in the sky, and celebrities and models out in force for the Cannes Film Festival, together with fashion shows, Miss Cannes 2016, luxury shopping, SuperCars and SuperYachts, this was the time to host one of the major events of 2016 for GEO Global Events Monaco  – ‘La Nuit de l’Orient’ was the gala dinner to be seen at and James Phillips from Luxury News Online was there!

By James Phillips for Luxury News Online, all images taken by James


Since 2002 the humanitarian organisation Les Amis du Liban à Monaco has helped children and disadvantaged people in Lebanon and worldwide by focusing on health, education, and culture decision makers.

Thanks to their donors and generosity, as well as volunteers’ help, numerous actions have been taken towards the very poor year after year.

The background to this special event is the collaboration with the Lebanese Red Cross, the World Health Organisation and various Lebanese organisations, their association has reached an international dimension and, apart from its implication in local development in Lebanon, is fundraising and meeting humanitarian emergencies in favour of stricken populations in the world such as earthquakes in Haiti in January 2010, in May 2012 in Italy, but also recently by supporting refugees from Syria displaced to Lebanon.


In the glamorous location of Cannes a spectacular Gala Dinner was being prepared at the Inter-Continental Carlton Cannes Hotel 

Furthermore their engagement has been officially recognised by the United Nations which appointed by Bouran Bouery, founder and creator of GEO specialised in luxury events for privileged customers in Monaco and abroad as UNDP Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador for Western Europe.

In order to raise funds for its humanitarian projects, GEO’s association organises, in partnership with the UNDP, staged this very special gala evening which was held on May 23rd 2016 in the Grand Salon of the Inter-connental Carlton in Cannes, during the International Film Festival for which approximately 250 prestigious guests attended.


All ready for a spectacular evening on the French Riviera 

Placed under the signature of elegance, this event was exceptional by its program as well as by its guests from all over the world including the famous stars and international celebrities all treated to cocktails, dinner, concert, a fashion show, a raffle and an auction sale.


My driver arriving at the Inter-Continental Carlton Cannes 

As for me and Luxury News Online, I am proud to say I am a personal friend of Bouran Bouery, or to her friends ‘Bou Bou’ and lucky enough also to receive an invitation to this amazing event as an international blogger and luxury brand ambassador.

The event was covered by international press, TV, and magazines, and rightly so, the sheer talent in the room was exceptional, which went hand in hand with the stunning surroundings of the Inter-Continental. Big names were also staying at the hotel such as Ivana Trump, Robert DeNiro, Justin Timberlake, and the hugely talented and beautiful Divanessa, together with luxury brands and opulent decor, catwalk models and billionaires.


The front garden of the Inter-Continental Carlton Cannes 

With my dinner jacket on, my black Mercedes waiting, I made the short car journey to the Inter-Continental Carlton Cannes, the driver weaving his way through the celebrities arriving for the Cannes film festival, international journalists and photographers and the super-rich. The sun was shining and Luxury News Online was squarely in the middle of this amazing spectacle.


Couture Fashion designer Elie Feghali, model Viktorija Ti, model Julia Blanche Hristova, business mentor, speaker and author Chelsey Baker and James Phillips from Luxury News Online 


Couture Fashion designer Elie Feghali and James Phillips

As the concierge opened my door, with the sound of a bright orange Lamborghini pulling up alongside me as I stepped out into a magical world of supermodels, glamour, fashion designers and flashbulbs, I could not help thinking that I had truly arrived and felt very proud of what Luxury News Online had achieved in such a short space of time.


Couture fashion designer Patrice Papa, luxury brand promotion specialist Ana Martin Tejeda, James Phillips and the beautiful model and TV presenter Louise Prieto


The cars were amazing, Lamborghini Liberty Walk Aventador


James Phillips with model Viktorija Ti


Couture Fashion designer Hany El Behairy and Viktorija Ti

Immediately I met my dear friends, Patrice Papa the famous French couture fashion designer,  Ana Martin luxury brand promoter and of course the lovely Bou Bou.



This is the very talented Violin player Divanessa and her dress that night really was just spectacular!



Security was tight given the amount of celebrities present in the building, but as we entered the Grand Salon past the sponsors picture wall pausing to have numerous photos taken, this spectacular room opened out into a sea of gold, silver, fine china, stunning flower arrangements, gold cutlery, music and quite frankly –  happiness!



Bou Bou conducts interviews with international press 


James Phillips with Divanessa


James Phillips with singer-songwriter, and DJ / producer Jean Roch 


What a fashion show! 


Patrice Papa and James Phillips 


James Phillips and Chelsea Baker 

As I mingled I met old friends from previous GEO dinners, and made new ones including the beautiful and talented Divanessa, the popular and contemporary Lebanese violin player, the famous fashion designers Isabella, Hany El Behairy and Eli Feghali and even Miss Hawaiian Tropic Liz Kirkness.


With Billionaire businessman Nasser Al-Rashid owner of the biggest yacht in Monaco “Lady Moura”

Taking our seats having had canapés, and Champage, I became immediately struck by the beautiful table layout and attention to detail. Take a look at the images which speak for themselves!


The food was Lebanese, and tasted amazing, it was actually difficult to find time to concentrate on eating it, for there was so much entertainment happening, Lebanese dancers wowed the diners, the charity auction with spectacular prizes, and talking with all the wonderful people around me.

luxury-news-online-james-phillips-cannes-celebrityluxury-news-online-james-phillips-cannes-celebrity james-phillips-luxury-news-online

Sculptor Marcos Marin


Real Gold Flake drinks anyone? By Gold Energy  

So please do enjoy the images I took especially for you all, GEO organise other gala dinners throughout the year, sponsorship packages are available at very reasonable rates, and not only will you have the special and exclusive opportunity as a sponsor to attend these stunning events, you will also be helping a very worthwhile cause – and of course meet all my frineds, myself and the wonderful Bou Bou!


You can enquire directly through Luxury News Online at: or through GEO directly at the address below:

For information on GEO’s previous gala dinners sponsored by la Maison Chopard in 2006 and 2007, Crédit Suisse in 2008 and 2009, Horus in 2010 and Bank Audi in 2011 and 2012 contact:

Les Amis du Liban

+377 93 50 25 85


Facebook : Les Amis du Liban

GEO Global Events Organizer Monaco

+377 93 50 25 85



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