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Experiential Pursuits planning your next luxury experience

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Lifestyle management is now even more important than ever, as many of us our reassessing our lives, and we are dreaming of travel once again, so there has never been a better time to plan your future, and decide upon the tropical shore you would like to visit next…


Life is all about pursuing experiences, both in one’s private and professional life and we strive to help our members in their wish to achieve their goals through our own experience and our network of influential people in various segments of society.

Our aim is to know each of our clients personally so that we can tailor make our offer according to their aspirations, and our approach is friendly and often informal to ease the communication process.


Life is often about knowing people, and in the right social circles or economic sector. We help people connect to enhance their own network, which opens doors when needed for one’s private or professional goals. This can be in the form of a one to one meeting, or through professional or social events where one is able to network and build one’s own black book of contacts.


First impressions count and tend to last, and they can be a major door opener or hurdle if one does not master the social and business codes of certain communities, business sectors or cultures. We work on building the social skills required and the confidence of our clients so that they always feel totally at ease in any kind of environment, which can be as diverse as attending a society dinner in the presence of dignitaries or having the daunting experience of being in a board room facing a panel of interviewers.



We have a network of partners who can assist you on a worldwide scale when it comes to organising or attending private/prestigious events, finding products or services that you need, or advising you on your choice of suppliers. This includes a select choice of bespoke craftsmen, doers, and shakers in every sector.

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Our Black Book of contacts gives us the opportunity to introduce you to influential people who can help you boost your public image, and open doors to those looking to be associated with famous brands for business purposes.


We offer coaching services to those who are looking to boost their private image or need help in their careers. It is often much easier to move forward in life with the help of an outsider who sees you with fresh eyes and can help you in developing further your skills and vision.


As the famous Danish authors Hans Christian Andersen once said, ‘To Travel is to Live’. We have a dedicated travel division which offers a 100% bespoke service to our members and their family/friends wishing a tailor made itinerary to any part of the world. We handle all land arrangements, create out of the box ideas to make your short or long trip an experience of a lifetime, and we cater for singles, couples, and families.

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Note that we do not handle commercial flight bookings as a stand-alone service, but we do have a select number of partners with whom we work for those looking for private jet or boat charters.

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