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Carolina Guna Triumphs at the Rumi International Fashion Awards!


Carolina Guna has recently had the privilege of being nominated for the Best International Fashion Designer by Rumi Awards along with a large selection of designers from Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Images supplied by Carolina Guna.

The awards were held in the historic City of San Francisco, in San Francisco bay, a beautiful place loaded with beautiful energy, fashion awards, music awards, art awards, Miss World … art and energy surrounded by talent.
Carolina’s asymmetry collection fulfilled her objective; obtaining 3 categories. The Best Evening Gown Attire, the Best Fashion Design Presentation and the Best Public Choice Fashion.

CAROLINA_GUNA_FASHION_RUMI‘…Asymmetry is the search for the strong woman inside that knows what she wants and how to get it, on the one hand this is what we are and on the other what can be, you can get what we propose, a collection that Between short and Long, makes a twinkle to the asymmetry of the woman…’

Carolina Guna had the pleasure of having beautiful models of international stature to show her creations and a great team in hairdressing and makeup.
Carolina met many special people who made her creations dazzle; great and beautiful people who charged these wonderful days with energy.
Carolina would like to thank all who made this possible.
Rumi Awards family has produced seven world class awards shows and captured the attention of the world’s largest news channels; BBC & Deutsche Welle showing in over 50 countries.
Rumi Awards were founded on the core principles of Rumi by Abe Nasser, to bring unity and love to the world through a universal theme based on the principles of humanism, arts, literature, music, fashion.

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