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Bricks and Mortar

property investor

At Bricks & Mortar – specialist independent property consultants. 

Specialise in sourcing properties tailor-made for small and medium sized investors in line with UK legislation.

We offer a fully comprehensive one stop property service to individuals who may wish to acquire their first buy to let property or build a private property portfolio. We are here to make sound property investments and build property portfolios that in turn grow our clients’ wealth and financial security.

We offer investment opportunities in a wide range of new build and completed properties throughout the United Kingdom as well as offering the Bricks & Mortar Mentoring Service that is designed to help Individuals better understand the market and find the best property for them.

Our Credentials
The founders of Bricks & Mortar have been involved in property since  1991 and have developed over 200 homes and flats in Manchester  working with private investors and managed over 500 properties across the North West.

Bricks & Mortar Search and Let

We can help you identify the best high return property, set up your investment property correctly, advise you on where to secure the best loan for you from a specialist mortgage broker and help you to organise conveyancing and independent legal advice at competitive rates.  We can refer you to solicitors who will explain the key legal issues affecting your planned investment in real estate and tax advisors will ensure that you are taking the best tax advantages available to you. After purchase, we can even manage the refurbishment for you, help you find good tenants and manage the property on your behalf.

Bricks & Mortar Property Invest 

Bricks & Mortar Property Invest enables private individuals to angel invest into our own property portfolio built upon the acquisition and renovation of run down and empty properties particularly across the North West of England which benefit from some of the lowest property prices and best rental yields in the UK. The capital and the return investors receive is protected by a legal agreement subject to UK legislation to bestow confidence to our clients.

High Returns

Our unparalleled structure and approach helps us with our intent to offer lucrative, high return products to our clients. We offer our angel investors an 8% return secured with a first charge on the given property.

Bricks & Mortar offers a variety of options for short-term, long-term, potential growth and income investing.

Bricks  &  Mortar Free Consultation Call

We offer a free 20 minute consultation call to new clients.

Bricks & Mortar Property Mentoring Service

We offer a comprehensive mentoring service to both newcomers to property investment and more experienced investors.  Our 90 minute telephone, Zoom or face to face consultation covers all aspects of property investment and provides support and guidance on the individual’s property investment plans including deal analysis and refurbishment planning.  £100 fee. 

Property Management 

We offer a professional, efficient and personal property management service to landlords. We manage every aspect of a rental property from start to finish building relationships with tenants and landlords to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Our full service includes everything from tenant referencing to move in, move out and inspection appointments fully reported on for landlords and tenants.

If we are unable to offer this service for any reason we will recommend a reputable company. 

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio managers will combine their expertise in real estate and finance to oversee and optimise real estate investments for our clients. They will analyse the risks and opportunities to determine when to buy or sell assets. This can include student lets, a holiday home overseas, HMOs (House of Multiple Occupancy) or commercial property. Our team is there to assist an individual or organisation’s strategic objectives and capacity to deliver and optimise the return on the investment.



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