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Barbara Kirki International model and Greek TV celebrity

Barbara Kirki, the beautiful Greek model and TV star talks to Luxury News Online.

Photography: Permission given by Barbara Kirki with D. Potouridis, Chris Tourlakis, Nick Zacharopoulos.

It can be easy to overlook the hard work and dedication and self belief that many TV stars and models have within them to succeed, it’s not an easy career to pursue, and one such personality is Barbara Kirki. Well known in her home country of Greece, she is a popular celebrity who enjoys a luxury lifestyle, and we are pleased to be able to bring her talents to

Barbara tells us about her love for animals and hear a little about her career, with more to follow in future posts on!

Tell us a little about yourself Barbara… 

I was born and still live in Greece. I have starred in many music videos for famous Greek singers like Gonidis, Tsalikis, Petrelis, and well known Rappers and I have also played parts in TV serials and films by Greek producers. I feel very lucky!

Barbara Kirki
I’ve been featured in many photographic and periodical magazine covers over the years and I’m always happy to experiment with new concepts and new screen tests and welcome the opportunities these provide for my career.

Barbara Kirki
I am well traveled and I have visited many parts of the world but my dream is to stay in the Americas to work there in movies, TV serials and cinema, but also to make a family there.

Barbara Kirki
My great passion in life are animals and I do everything for them and I am very passionate about animal protection even if I need to get animals out of harms way myself. That’s why I have come to have twenty pets myself!

Barbara Kirki
In the last 5 years I have had my own column on a daily TV show and I love television and especially when I promote my love for animals.

Barbara Kirki
I enjoy football too and often watch football in competitions. In my free time I love to perform gymnastics and swimming.

Barbara Kirki

Being in the public eye can be hard work but it’s a career I love and I look forward to sharing more of my work with your readers very soon right here on

Barbara Kirki


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