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AMY-ELLE ® Leading the way with world class massage therapies

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Amy-elle is a health and wellness treatment creator, with a high level of knowledge and experience within the spa industry. Amy-Elle also holds a world class treatment range, which bears her name with an English core ethos and U.K. Trademark.

With a hands on approach helping thousands of people to feel better and improve their quality of life and 14 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Amy-Elle designs, creates and delivers bespoke treatments specialising in medical massage and catering for customers desires to fulfil their best massage experience and results worldwide.

The amy-elle® treatments are all-in-one therapies that holistically work in sync with the recipients natural energies and body to achieve an ideal balance for optimum health in their everyday lifestyle and a helping hand when their health is compromised.

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For the health spa and destination spa Amy-Elle is an expert in design and creation of wellness treatments, offering a complete, unique concept to the spa menu. Working alongside leading professionals and product ranges together to revolutionise the way we treat in-health spas around the world.

In Britain Amy-Elle has a focus on bringing the British spa experience back to being a necessary part of improving lifestyle and wellness, not just for luxury; and overseas bringing a UK method of treating to worldwide destination spas. With thousands of customers all over the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Bali and the Middle East amy-elle® is looking to provide the industry with in house spa training to keep up with the growing customer demand. Although a travelling therapist and trainer ready to go to wherever needed, you will find Amy-elle based on the south coast of England where many of her treatments are inspired by the ocean and the healing properties of the sea.

Franchise and training available immediately! Create your own business under the Amy-Elle brand. Email:

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