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Amazing Luxury Wooden Bathtubs by NK Woodworking Seattle


With so many likes on my Facebook page for these, I thought I would investigate who makes the most amazing wooden bath tubs in the world.

NK Woodworking was Founded by artist/craftsman Nathie Katzoff.  Trained as a boat builder in Maine, for many years he restored and built numerous classic and historic wooden vessels large and small.

Out of a passion for design and art, Nathie began building one of a kind furniture, staircases and wood bathtubs. His award-winning designs are influenced by his love for the organic nature of woods, curves and colors.

Coming from a background in boat building, NK have a special understanding of the possibilities for wood and water and craftsmanship ability in terms of curves, shapes, joinery and other design features.

In 2011 the company put together the team of craftsmen that is now NK Woodworking.  In 2014 they launched the bathtub line.


In their Seattle studio they hand craft their wood bathtubs from distinctive sustainable domestic and exotic hardwoods.  These are finished with a specialized clear composite barrier for unmatched durability and longevity. These bathtubs offer you the luxury of fine art furniture to be the centerpiece of your bathroom.

All images courtesy: NK Woodworking


Walnut / Sapele Bathtub “Lotus”


The stunning Wood Bathtub designs bring warmth and sculpture to your bathroom.


‘You will find yourself drawn in by the glassy smooth beautiful grained surfaces and find a world of peace in its waters.  The Wood Bathtubs are made out of finest hardwoods and built like fine furniture which are Mahogany / Sapele, White Oak , Black Walnut, Big Leaf Maple, American Cherry and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.’

All of NK’s wooden bathtubs are crafted by hand by their artisan team in the Seattle woodworking and design studio.


Each of the wood bathtubs are finished with a long lasting high-tech multi-stage composite barrier finishing system.   This method while very labor intensive creates an unmatched result of quality, durability and longevity.   This technique allows the wood tubs to be used in most commercial settings such as hotels/resorts as well as residential.

The one of a kind wood bathtubs can be shipped anywhere in the world and the Hardwood Bath is a custom wood bathtub line made by the award-winning woodworking and design studio NK Woodworking in Seattle.


For more award-winning woodwork visit our main website:


Video: NK Design

These amazing wooden bathtub designs offer one-of-a-kind sculptural curves, naturally insulating warmth, and stunning beauty for your home.



‘These wood bathtubs offer you the luxury of fine art furniture as the centerpiece of your bathroom. Not to mention an unparalleled soak. From our studio in Seattle, Washington, we can ship our custom wood bathtubs anywhere in the world.’


Interested in commissioning a one-of-a-kind custom wooden bathtub? To learn more, visit our NK bathtub collection at:

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Copy/images courtesy of NK Woodworking


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